Book Review: Soulless

And I’m back! After a week consumed with moving my stuff back home from school and some time spent up north for a family reunion, I am back and ready for some serious blogging action! What better way to begin my return than a review of the absolutely amazing, spine-tingling, thrilling story of Soulless by Gail Carriger! Soulless is part of The Parousel Protectorate series which spans over the course of five novels. The manga adaptation, which is what I chose to read instead, published its first volume in March and will be releasing the second instalment in November. While I’ve never read any of the novels, the Soulless manga quite literally blew me away! It was absolutely FABULOUS!!!

The story of Soulless focuses on Alexia, a “soulless” 26 year old spinster living in a Victorian England that is inhabited by vampires and werewolves. When a group of these paranormal creatures begins to disappear, Alexia is sent to investigate the situation with the brooding, infuriating, and sexy Lord Maccon (who also happens to be a werewolf alpha). The result is a  steamy, adventurous, and comical story all wrapped up into one kickass manga!

As soon as I finished reading Soulless my hands were dying to get a hold of the next manga in the series! You know those rare books that make you go through withdrawal like some kind of crack addict? Well Soulless was one of those! I needed more of Alexia and Lord Maccon in my life! The two books that I read after it just paled in comparison because I couldn’t get my mind off of Soulless no matter how hard I tried. There is just no denying it…. I’m officially obsessed with this series.

Not only was the story of Soulless amazing, but the illustrations were absolutely breathtaking! I’m very picky when it comes to artwork in graphic novels, but Rem (the artist), did a stupendous job! The illustrations were fresh, expressive, and even comical at times. I used to read a lot of manga back in high school, and I would definitely say that Rem’s work can easily stand alongside some of my favourite Japanese manga artists. I’ve included an example from one of the pages below so you can get a taste of what the manga is actually like.

So, who would I recommend Soulless the manga to? Despite the fact that manga and graphic novels aren’t typically everyone’s cup of tea, I would strongly urge anyone with a love of paranormal romance stories to give this series a try. If you are hesitant about the whole graphic novel format, then maybe you should try out the actual novels first! Now that I’m officially hooked I’ll definitely be checking out the original novels next, that way I’ll have something to occupy me until Volume 2 of the manga adaptation is released!

Rating: 5 Stars!




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