Welcome to the new website for Browsing Bookshelves!

Hello my fellow bookworms! 🙂

Well, the time finally came for me to move my blog over to WordPress from Blogger! After a year of using Blogger, I just couldn’t stand any  of its glitches and formatting issues anymore. I’m keeping my fingers crossed and remaining optimistic that WordPress will be slightly kinder to me!

A few things have changed since moving my blog to WordPress. The first thing that you may notice (and the most exciting in my opinion) is that I now have my own domain name! From now on visitors will simply have to type in browsingbookshelves.com to connect to the site! Yay! In redesigning my blog I also decided to separate the review pages based on their designation as adult or teen fiction to make it a little bit easier for users to browse quickly.

Some other details will probably be tweaked now and again over the next month or so until I’m completely happy with the layout and overall look of the website. If you have any thoughts/opinions/suggestions on the current layout please share them below! I really do appreciate honest feedback!

Now that Browsing Bookshelves has moved I hope that many of my past followers will still stop by to visit! You can now subscribe to my blog through email (located in the menu on the right hand side), or follow my blog posts through Facebook or Twitter.

In other news, now that I have officially moved back home from school I’ve had plenty of time to get back into my regular reading schedule! With no projects or school assignments to distract me you can probably expect more book reviews and postings than ever before! I have some fabulous books lined up for the next couple of weeks and I can’t wait to share them all with you!




4 thoughts on “Welcome to the new website for Browsing Bookshelves!

    • That is a great suggestion! I will definitely add an RSS follow option tomorrow morning! Thanks for the awesome idea! 🙂

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