Fan Expo 2012: The Costumes

Another year, another fan expo! After having several panic attacks leading up to the big day (super long story short: my brother told me that he had purchased our tickets when he actually didn’t, so we were worried we would be spending half of our day just standing in line), everything went so smoothly I was actually in shock! Despite not having purchased our tickets ahead of time this year, my friends and I actually ended up getting into fan expo on Saturday (the craziest day) faster then any of the previous years when we had purchased our tickets ahead of time! All I have to say is kudos to the Fan Expo organizers for making such a crazy event run so smoothly!

My boyfriend and I as The Silk Spectre and The Comedian from Watchmen

This year my boyfriend and I decided to dress up as characters from one of my favourite graphic novels of all time… Watchmen! While I dressed up as the Silk Spectre, my boyfriend decided to be The Comedian (I know…an odd combination and a little Freudian for those of you familiar with the storyline). While I was a little unsure about our costume selections at first, they ended up being a huge hit with other fan expo attendees, and we were bombarded for pictures throughout the day, which was actually a lot of fun! One guy even asked to film the costume that my boyfriend had made to include in a film that he was putting together about Fan Expo!

As weird as this may sound, my favourite thing about Fan Expo is the costume aspect. This was my third year at Fan Expo, and every time I go I’ve been absolutely amazed at the creativity and imagination that goes into the costumes that people create! My friends and I will often just spend an hour sitting at one of the tabled areas and people watching to see what kind of awesome costumes end up walking by. The costumes are also a great conversation starter, and you usually end up meeting some really awesome people just from stopping to ask for a picture! I included some pictures of a couple of my favourite costumes below so check them out!

Darwyn Cooke and Amanda Conner from Before Watchmen

Speaking of really awesome people, one of the highlights of the day was probably meeting the artists of the new Before Watchmen comic series!! My boyfriend and I were waiting in line to purchase a print from Amanda Conner when she looked up and noticed our costumes. She loved them so much that she actually stopped her autograph line to walk around the table and get a photo of us. When she pointed us out to Darwyn Cooke who was sitting next to her, he immediately jumped up and left his autograph table too in order to jump in the picture! Both Amanda and Darywn were super nice and getting a picture with them both definitely made our day!

My only complaint about Fan Expo this year is that it was just too big…in a good way though! The past years that we have gone, my friends and I have managed to see everything that the expo has to offer within the first three or four hours. This year, however, there was so much to see that we didn’t get a chance to explore half of the expo! I’m starting to think that next year will be the time to finally invest in one of those deluxe four day passes in order to fully enjoy the entire weekend!

My brother as Ash Ketchum and his friend as Waldo

The scout from Up!!!

Miss Frizzle from The Magic School Bus!

Kiki’s Delivery Service!

Effie from The Hunger Games!

Cubone and Pikachu

PS. Tune in tomorrow for Part 2 of my Fan Expo recap about Artist Alley!


5 thoughts on “Fan Expo 2012: The Costumes

    • Isn’t it crazy how two people can go to the same expo and not even see the same costumes as each other? Just goes to show how HUGE Fan Expo has become!

  1. You guys look amazing! I have never gone to Fan Expo but I seriously am going to have to. This looks like so much fun =). Fabulous costumes!

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