Fan Expo 2012: Artist Alley

Besides the jaw dropping costumes that you come across at Fan Expo (see my previous post), one of my favourite aspects of the convention is the number of amazing artists that gather all in one space. I LOVE art, and if I had the space in my room I would probably purchase something from every artist there. When we first stepped through the Fan Expo doors, therefore, the first thing my friends and I did was hit up Artist’s Alley! As usual I was blown away by the quality (and sometimes humour) of the artwork displayed, and thought that I should highlight a couple of artists who particularly caught my attention. So, check out what these artists have to offer and show them some love!

Alexander Chow
A resident of Toronto, Alexander is currently interning for Imaginism Studios (one of my favourite art studios!). I absolutely fell in love with his tribute to Miyazaki in the picture above, which depicts Princess Mononoke, the cat from Kiki’s Delivery Service, the Soot sprites from Spirited Away, and the ever loveable Totoro! Check out Alexander’s other works on his Deviant Art page!

Sarah Richard
Sarah’s work was hands down my favourite find this year! I planned on going back later in the afternoon to purchase something from her but didn’t manage to do so. According to her website, her artwork is heavily inspired by Japanese ink paintings, and I can definitely see this reflected in her work.  Check out an extensive gallery of her work on her Deviant Art page!

Christopher Uminga
Ever since I discovered his work at the first Fan Expo I went to three years ago, I always make a point of stopping by Christopher Uminga’s table to check out his latest work. I’m not sure what it is about his art style, but I just can’t get enough of it! Check out more of Christopher’s work on his Deviant Art page!

Post Script Comic
I stumbled across Post Script Comics last year at Fan Expo and have fallen in love with their cute and hilarious characters! Lovers of fairy tales will absolutely adore the funny situations and mischief that some of their favourite fairy characters get messed up in! The artists upload new comic strips every Tuesday and Friday so go check them out on their website!


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