Book Adaptations Hitting Theatres This Fall/Winter!

Maybe its because I’m a huge book nerd, but every time I find out that a novel is being turned into a movie adaptation I light up like its Christmas Day! Sure, there are times when film adaptations of popular books are absolutely butchered by directors, but that’s a risk that I’m willing to take in order to see some of my favourite literary characters come to life. You can imagine my glee then when I discovered over the past month how many book adaptations are hitting theatres this fall/winter! I’m sure being the fellow book lovers that you are, many of you have already seen the trailers that I have included below. Nevertheless, I wanted to post them here on the blog in the off chance that there is one adaptation that you are unaware of, as well as to share my overall excitement about their release! Let me know what book adaptations that you are looking forward to, and if there are any that I have missed!

The Perks of Being a Wallflower
Those of you who follow my blog regularly will probably have already seen this trailer included in my review of the original novel last week. I LOVE this trailer so much though that I just had to include it again in this post. To say that I’m excited for The Perks of Being a Wallflower coming to theatres would be an understatement! I’ll definitely be there opening night to cheer on Charlie, Patrick, and Sam!

Cloud Atlas
I haven’t yet read Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell, but as soon as I saw the trailer for the movie I immediately put it on my to-be read list on Goodreads! A sci-fi fantasy, the plot follows the lives of six individuals living in different time periods from 1850 to the post apocolyptic future. All I know is that the trailer looks pretty epic and I’m waiting on the edge of my seat for the movie to hit theatres! Of course….I’ll have to read the book first!

Anna Karenina
I’ve been meaning to read this classic novel by Tolstoy for a couple of years now, but it wasn’t until the movie trailer came out that I started to seriously think about finding a way to include it in my busy reading schedule. I’m a big Kiera Knightly and Jude Law fan, so whether or not I actually end up reading the book, I’ll still be seeing the movie adaptation when it comes out! It looks like its a little on the depressing side, but the trailer is very visually appealing.

The Great Gatsby
Based on the amount of buzz that this movie has been getting since the trailer came out a couple of months ago, I know that I’m not the only one excited about The Great Gatsby hitting the big screen! I think Leonardo DiCaprio is perfect as Gatsby, and while Tobey Maguire tends to annoy me at times, I can somewhat picture him as Nick Carraway. I’m sure that this is a book adaptation that won’t be disappointing!

Life of Pi
I loved the Life of Pi when I first read it, but this is probably the film adaptation that I’m least looking foward to. Maybe its because the trailer doesn’t reveal too much of the movie, but it seems a little bit to artsy and slow paced for me. Hopefully I’ll be proved wrong though when the movie actually comes out!

Les Miserables
Believe it or not, the popular musical Les Miserables was based on an original book by Victor Hugo, the same author as The Hunchback of Notre Dame! Les Mis is hands down my favourite musical of all time, so you can guess where I’ll be on opening night of this movie! (Funny spoiler side note: My mom’s reaction to finding out that Anne Hathaway’s character dies in the first 20 minutes of the movie – “THANK GOODNESS!”)

The Hobbit
I’m sure MOST of you have seen the trailer for The Hobbit already, but its just so fabulous that I had to include it! I’ve been dying for some more of Middle Earth since The Return of the King came out in theatres almost ten years ago! Wow time flies!

Great Expectations
Last, but not least, we have good old Charles Dicken’s classic story Great Expectations! As much as I hate to admit it (having my BA in English and all),  I haven’t yet read Great Expectations. I know! That is pretty unacceptable! You can bet that I’ll have read it cover to cover though before the film hits theatres! The trailer looks AMAZING, so I’m pretty pumped to see it! (Sorry that the video quality is so bad, the HD one was removed from Youtube).


3 thoughts on “Book Adaptations Hitting Theatres This Fall/Winter!

  1. Wow, what a great selection of book to film adaptations, Natalie! I too haven’t read Anna Karenina, but it’s on my (very long) to read list! Also, after watching the breathtaking great Expectations trailer, that too has jumped to the top of my to read list. I too never read it in school, which seems like a blasphemy against an English degree. 😛

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