TV Review: The Mindy Project

It’s official. After last night’s outstanding line up, Tuesday nights have officially become City Tv nights! New Girl was sensational as always, the new show Ben and Kate was good for a couple of laughs, but the real gem was Mindy Karling’s premiere of The Mindy Project! Knowing absolutely nothing about the show when it first started, I was surprised to find myself hooked within the first five minutes! An OB/GYN, Mindy’s obsession with romantic comedies has her searching the city for her perfect prince charming. A rom com fanatic myself, I had a huge dopey grin plastered on my face for the entire episode as Mindy made countless references to things like Hugh Grant in Bridget Jones’ Diary and Julia Robert’s character in Notting Hill.

Not only did I enjoy the rom com references, but I also fell instantly in love with Mindy’s co-star Dr. Castellano! Sure he’s snarky and somewhat stuck-up, but I think it’s pretty obvious that he is Mindy’s Mr. Darcy just waiting to happen! Unfortunately, Mindy is currently too caught up in the ever alluring presence of a British doctor, who is not unlike a Mr. Wickham himself. While it’s tough to base a tv series off of just its first episode, my fingers are crossed that The Mindy Project will continue to charm its audiences! For the moment, its well on its way to becoming one of my new favourite tv series! Check out a brief promo for The Mindy Project below!


4 thoughts on “TV Review: The Mindy Project

  1. I saw this one last night too. I wasn’t planning on watching it but I’m glad I did. It was so cute and funny. I’m dying to see what happens with her and Dr. Castellano and, I’m sorry, but the British doctor??? *swoons*

  2. I totally loved the Mindy Project – so glad to see others did, too. I really related to her obsession with rom-coms.

    And yeah, Dr. Danny has my heart. The British doctor is swoon-worthy, but Dr. Danny is TOTALLY a Darcy.

  3. I just watched this now and LOVED it! Totally up our rom com alley =). Love your review too and I, too, cannot wait to see how (because we know she will) she will end up with Danny. Awwww!

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