Bachelor Canada Rant: Episode Two

My plan for tonight was to work on an essay for my final graduate course, but of course as soon as 9:30 hit I was instantly distracted by Bachelor Canada! As annoyed as I’ve been by the past few seasons of the Bachelor and Bachlorette, I continue to tune in because the pure idiocy of the show is so darn entertaining! Bachelor Canada is no exception. As much as I’m enjoying the show, I’m equally as frustrated. Just ask my mom and boyfriend how much I’ve been yelling at the TV tonight. So, to help me vent I’ve decided to share some of my thoughts with my fellow Bach Canada fans here on the blog!

First of all, why in the world would Bachelor Canada think it would be a good idea to make the first two dates on the show take place in the States?! I mean for pete’s sake! You have ALL of CANADA to explore! Leave New Orleans and Las Vegas for the American version of the Bachelor! The last time I checked British Columbia was one of Canada’s most beautiful provinces! Couldn’t they have found something to do in Vancouver?

Also, did anyone else notice the obvious product placement in the first ten minutes of the show? I understand that TV shows often highlight products in order to cover some of the production costs, but that was just painful to watch. I do not find scenes of girls shaving their legs with a sponsor razor company very entertaining.

Now onto the actual girls! Did anyone else think that Chantelle came off as a little too sweet and bubbly this week? I think she is adorable and sincere, but every time I looked at her I just couldn’t get the image of Baby Spice out of my head! Whitney continues to irk me with her “in it to win” attitude, and its obvious that she’s been set up to be the villain of the season. The daggers she was shooting at Laura B. on her date were brutal! Who knows though! I said the same thing about Courtney from Ben’s season and I actually ended up liking her character by the end!

The girl I was actually disappointed didn’t get more air time then she did this week was Kara! She was my favourite girl from week one and I’m still rooting for her to win! Luckily, Brad is starting to grow on me slowly but surely. While I initially found him unattractive, his personality is starting to win me over!

Anyways! Those are just my random, quickly written thoughts from tonight! Are you a Bach Canada fan? What do you think of the season so far? Who is your favourite to win?


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