Graphic Novel Review: Binky the Space Cat

One word to describe this graphic novel by fellow Canadian Ashley Spires: ADORABLE! I’ve been a fan of Ashley Spires’ work since I first read her picture book, Small Saul, last year for the Blue Spruce Awards. Her beautiful illustrations and quirky story line had me smiling like an idiot, and I bought a copy for myself immediately!  Since then I’ve devoured everything that she’s written, and Binky the Space Cat was no exception!

Binky is not your ordinary house cat….he’s a certified Space Cat who dreams of blasting off into outer space! The only problem is that if Binky does decide to journey to distance galaxies, he’ll be leaving his poor humans behind. Convinced that bugs and house flies are alien lifeforms, Binky worries that his humans will be terrorized without him their to protect them. What’s a Space Cat to do?

Maybe it’s because I’m a cat person, but I could not get enough of Binky! Cute, funny, and charming, Binky’s misadventures had me chuckling the entire way through! At only 64 pages, this short and simple story is the perfect introduction for younger children wishing to start reading graphic novels. Kids will adore Binky’s humorous training regime and cheer him on as he battles the ever evil house fly.

I fell in love with Binky after page one, and cannot wait to get my paws on the next books in this exceptional graphic novel series!  Check out some of the illustrations from the graphic novel below!


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