Reading in 2013

new yearWelcome to 2013! This past year was pretty incredible, and I can only hope and dream that the year to come will be even better! In 2012 I managed to read 87 novels (13 short of my goal of 100), moved the blog over to its own domain, graduated with my Masters in Library and Information Science, started work as a part-time school librarian, and had an explosion of followers on the Browsing Bookshelves Facebook page!

For 2013 my goals are pretty similar. I’m hoping to finally read 100 books, find full-time work as a librarian, and continue to expand the blog as much as possible. Despite having read 87 fantastic books this past year, there were a multitude that I wanted to read but didn’t have the chance to get around to. My to-read list has actually gotten kind of ridiculous! As a result, the books pictured below are just some of the novels that I hope to finally read in 2013!






Have you read any of these books? Which one do you think I should read first?


12 thoughts on “Reading in 2013

  1. Woohoo for Scarlet! 😀 Can’t wait to see what you think of it 🙂
    And also Graceling…we must share thoughts when you read it.
    What a fantastic year you’ve had…hope this one is even better for you!

  2. I am utterly shocked that you haven’t read Uglies yet. Shocked! It’s one of my all time favourites!! Definitely read that one first! but I’m looking forward to hearing what you think of Scarlet too! 🙂

  3. I love this post! I love your choices and a bunch of them are on mine too. Might have to copy you (and Lindsey) and do a “what I didn’t read, but should have/ attacking the TBR pile” post lol. Gods of Gotham, The Shadow of the Wind, Rules of Civility, Graceling AND Howl’s Moving Castle are also on my list! I’ll have to check out the other ones you’ve mentioned!

    Congratulations (again) on your Masters =)! You are the perfect person to be in a library, sharing your love with kids and helping them learn to love books and cherish them as much as we did!

    Can’t wait for another year of your phenomenal reviews!

  4. I read the Uglies series, which I really enjoyed. But I think it’s big since it was one of the earlier dystopian type books. That not really a bad thing, but I think since it was published there’s been much better series released.

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