Book Review: Altered

alteredWhen I picked up Altered on New Years Eve I was simply looking for something light to read before heading out to dinner. Two hours and 150 pages later I was so hooked that I could barely stand to put it down! The story of Altered revolves around Anna, a young girl who assists her father in the monitoring of four genetically altered boys in the basement of their house for a company known as Branch. Cas, Trev, Nick, and Sam are all exceptionally intelligent, strong, and drop dead gorgeous. Due to their numerous alterations, however, none of the boys remember anything about their former lives. When the boys manage to escape from their holding cells, Anna suddenly finds herself on a wild chase to find the truth about the boys’ origins….as well as her own.

Altered was fast-paced, gripping, and absolutely thrilling! The fact that the story revolved around four gorgeous guys didn’t hurt either. While the concept of a novel focused on genetically altered teens initially reminded me of similarly plotted stories that I had read before, I was happily surprised by how unique Altered actually ended up being. There were even a few twists in the story that I didn’t see coming, which is always a nice bonus!

When it came to the love plot of the novel, however, I had mixed feelings. While an unexpected wrench was thrown in to make things interesting, I thought that Anna and the guy she ends up with got together a little bit too quickly in the end. Considering that there is definitely a sequel planned, I would have personally enjoyed seeing the love plot drawn out for a little bit longer. Other than that small complaint, however, Altered was an extremely enjoyable read that I devoured within two days. If you are are looking for something light and action packed to read, than this is the book for you! Fans of the Obsidian series by Jennifer L. Armentrout or Touch by Jus Accardo will adore Altered!

Rating: 4.5 Stars


10 thoughts on “Book Review: Altered

  1. FABULOUS REVIEW! Absolutely wonderful 🙂 Short and sweet and to the point! I am definitely going to have to pick up a copy – you know me and my book boyfreind obsession, and love stories 😛 lol I cant resist them

  2. Alright. Now I don’t know what to do. I was thinking I’d pass on this one but you say it’s unique and that interests me. But then you say if we liked Obsidian we’d like this one. I read a few chapters of it and didn’t like it. Argh! What to do? Do you think I’d like this one?

  3. I really enjoyed this one, but my biggest issue was that the chapters ended abruptly at the beginning and I felt like I was missing out on the story a bit. I loved the twists that came about in this though, and I do wonder how this will be turned into a series, I thought the book did well on it’s own.

    • I didn’t even notice the chapters ending abruptly at the beginning lol! Probably because I was whipping through them so fast myself! I do agree with you though that the book would have done well on its own. Part of me wishes the author had made it a bit longer so it could just be a stand alone. I’m excited though to see what happens to the characters next!

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