Book Review: Shades of Earth

shadesThe moment Across the Universe fans have been waiting for is almost here! Shades of Earth, the final installment in Beth Revis’s thrilling sci-fi series, hits shelves tomorrow! Having left the walls of Godspeed behind, Amy, Elder, and the shipborns all land on Centauri-Earth with the hope of starting a new life. As Orion’s warning about monsters and unseen dangers prove to be horribly true, Amy and Elder begin to fear that any attempt to make this strange planet their home will prove fatal. Refusing to give up, they seek to uncover the secrets of Centauri-Earth before they lose everything.

Picking up right where the massive cliffhanger in A Million Suns left off, Shades of Earth was just as mysterious and gripping as its predeccesors! In short, it was “frexing” awesome! While it initally felt weird to imagine Amy and Elder beyond the walls of Godspeed, I soon fell in love with Centauri-Earth thanks to Revis’s fantastical descriptions of the wonderous planet.

In terms of the plot, things are as chaotic and misleading on Centauri-Earth as they were in space! With the addition of the now unfrozen military leaders and scientists to the colony, conflicts quickly arise between those born on Earth and the people from Godspeed. Throw in the threat of strange monsters and hostile aliens, and the level of excitement in the book doubles!

As thrilling and mysterious as Shades of Earth was, however, I was quickly able to piece together one of main plotlines of the story. The secret behind the source of the alien attacks on the colony was pretty easy to spot, and I’m sure other readers will come to the same conclusion as I did fairly early in the story. There is nothing more disappointing then figuring out a twist in the plot within the first few chapters of a book! Nevertheless, I was completely clueless when it came to the aliens’ motivation for causing such harm until Amy and Elder discovered the answer for themselves later in the story.

All in all, Shades of Earth was the perfect conclusion to Beth Revis’s amazing Across the Universe series! The characters, plotline, and endless suspense were “frexing” addicting! While I’m sad that this amazing trilogy has finally come to an end, I’m excited to see what brilliant world Revis creates next!

Rating: A –  

2 thoughts on “Book Review: Shades of Earth

  1. Can you believe I haven’t even started this series yet? Well, actually you probably can. I need to get going on it. At least I won’t have to wait for any of the books. 😉

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