Ten Second Reviews (2)

As much as I hate to admit it, I’ve fallen behind on my book reviewing yet again! In order to try and catch up, I’ve decided to do another round of Ten Second Reviews to give everyone a taste of what I have been reading over the past two weeks. Enjoy!


Seraphina by Rachel Hartman
Imagine a world where dragons roam the earth and possess the ability to transform themselves into human shape. In the kingdom of Goredd, this fantasy is not only a reality, but a part of everyday life. After  decades of war between dragons and mankind, a peace treaty between the two warring nations has finally been established. As the anniversary of the peace treaty draws near, however, tensions begin to rise when a member of the royal family is discovered murdered in a suspiciously draconian manner. Finding herself suddenly in the middle of the murder investigation, Seraphina hopes to discover the truth before her own terrible secret is discovered. The world building of Hartman’s novel was gorgeous and awe-inspiring. Fantasy lovers will adore the story’s imagination and creativity. My only disappointment with Seraphina was the love plot, which seemed a little bit rushed towards the end. I’m looking forward to seeing what Hartman comes up with next!
Rating: 4 Stars


Two Generals by Scott Chandlar
Two Generals is a graphic novel that tells the true story of the author’s grandfather during his time spent as a soldier in World War II. A member of the Highland Light Infantry of Canada, Law Chantler and his friend Jack were part of the Allied invasion of Normandy. I adored Chantler’s beautiful illustrations, and found this tribute to his grandfather’s life very moving. Unfortunately, when it came to the section of the graphic novel depicting the actual invasion of Normandy, I began to find my eyes glazing over. It wasn’t that this section of the graphic novel wasn’t interesting, it’s just that it read more like a text book than a story about someone’s life. Nevertheless, Two Generals was an enjoyable read, and I found myself getting a little teary eyed towards the end!
Rating: 3 Stars


Born Weird by Andrew Kaufman
At the moment of their birth, Annie Weird blessed each of her five grandchildren with a special power. Angie always forgives. Lucy is never lost. Richard is always safe. Abba always has hope. And Kent can beat anyone in a fight. Unfortunately, as her grandchildren grow older, Annie realizes that these blessings have become a curse. In order to remove the blessings, Angie is given the task of collecting all of her siblings together in just two weeks. What follows is a quirky and moving story that explores the strength of family bonds. I loved the originality of Born Weird, and found myself devouring the novel in order to find out what could possibly happen to the characters next. The relationship between the siblings was funny, touching, and heartwarming.
Rating: 3.5 Stars


Pushing the Limits by Katie McGarry
Once a popular girl, Echo’s life fell apart after a tragic accident during her junior year. Unfortunately, Echo can’t remember anything that happened, her mind repressing all memories of the event. The only thing she knows is that the scars covering her arms have something to do with her mother. When Echo meets Noah, a tough foster kid who has been bounced from home to home, the two team up to help uncover the information they both need in order to move on with their lives. I was actually pleasantly surprised by the amount of character development that the author put into Pushing the Limits. By the end of the novel, I felt like a I had a firm understanding of both Echo and Noah and what makes them tick. McGarry’s decision to narrate the story from both Echo and Noah’s perspective made the story even more enjoyable. A great teen romance that was actually quite moving at times.
Rating: 4 Stars


7 thoughts on “Ten Second Reviews (2)

  1. Woohoo, you ready Seraphina! I’m so glad you liked it…I was scared that I had over-hyped it 😛
    But yeah, the love plot was my only issue with the book too…hopefully we get some more romance in the next book! 😀

  2. Born Weird looks good. I must check it out. You’re right about Pushing The Limits, the character development was very good. I got bogged down in the romance so thanks for pointing that out.

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