My Growing Dislike of Series

Over the past few months I’ve noticed something about my reading habits. Whenever I finish a book and find out that its in a series I feel a little bit frustrated and annoyed. It’s not that book series are a terrible thing! In many cases I’m ecstatic to find out that a story isn’t done yet so that I can spend some more time with my new favourite characters. For example, Harry Potter, The Infernal Devices, Vampire Academy, The Taker, and The Hunger Games are all series that I can’t get enough of! Rather, I find myself frustrated when I’ve enjoyed a book (note the word “enjoyed” not “fallen head over heels in love with”) and discover that I’ll have to read two more books to find out what happens next. Then, after the second and third book do get published, I feel guilty every time I see them at the bookstore for not having read them yet. My list of books that I want to read is already long enough! Adding more and more series to my to-read pile is just going to make it worse!

So, I need your help fellow readers! Here are some of the series I’ve read over the past two years that I have yet to finish. In each of these cases I’ve liked the first book, but I just haven’t felt compelled to pick up the second one yet. If you’ve finished reading any of them I’d love your opinion on the ones that I should actually read or skip altogether. Also, if there is a series that I haven’t listed here that you think I would fall head over heels in love with…then let me know!

Side note: After finishing this post I realized that all of these books are YA series. I wonder if Adult series tend to function more as standalone books? For example, Sophie Kinsella’s Shopoholic series. You can read the first three and not feel bad for avoiding the rest because each book has its own conclusion to it! Does that make sense? Thoughts?

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20 thoughts on “My Growing Dislike of Series

  1. I agree with you about adult series, Natalie! Especially Shopaholic…each book is a self-contained story. I’ve read a few of these books (wither and matched), and I didn’t find them compelling enough to continue. Most of the series you listed though are ones that I loved so I don’t personally think you’re missing too much by not continuing with any of these.

  2. YA books do seem to come in series.

    I read the second Matched, and was not nearly as impressed as I was with the first one. I haven’t been compelled to pick up number three yet.

  3. I love this post! I feel the same about series. Sometimes you can’t wait for the next one, and then when it comes, you forget what happened in the previous one! Wither is the only one on your list I have read and I stopped after the first one too. I actually was discussing the series with a coworker today because his wife loved it. It always makes me wonder! Curious to see which ones you continue on with!

  4. First off, I finally started the Vampire Academy series! And now for my opinion. I wouldn’t bother with the Matched series but I haven’t read the third one so I probably should keep my mouth shut. I stand by my recommendation that you not finish the Firelight series and the Wither series, though. Yuck!

  5. I think that part of the reason I don’t tend to like YA novels is that they all seem to be part of a series or franchise. Without having read the books, it almost seems like more of a marketing exercise than about the books. The few adult series i’ve read seem to be able to work as stand alone books. And sometimes i read them out of order. I’m interested to see what kind of response you get to this post.

    • I think I’d enjoy a lot more of the YA books that I read if instead of being a series the 3 books were just combined into one slightly larger novel to begin with! It would make the story so much better in some cases! I’m interested to see what kind of response I get too 🙂

  6. You need to read, if you haven’t, but yeah, there in a series, The Hunt, Daughter of Smoke and Bone and Shatter Me, for me, there some of the best out there. Hope you fall in love

  7. AHHHHHHH a Vampire Academy Fan !!!!! This is so cool 🙂 If you like a good vampire series, check out MaryJanice Davidson`s undead series, I have a bllog post about the first book if you are interested:

    I can also reccomend to you: Jeanine Frost`s books. And of course, the sookie stackhouse novels by charlaine harris are to die for. I simply read most of these books to fill the void that was there when there was no more Vampire Academy.


  8. I know exactly what you mean here. Sometimes I wonder if there are books published at all that don’t have sequels. I still need to go on with the serie of “wither” myself, but the serie of “Delirium” is defiantely a must read for the next books as well in my opinion

  9. I think because YA books tend to be shorter, they can’t necessarily fit as much story into a single book. And for that reason they break them up into multiple books. Where if instead it was an adult book, they wouldn’t need to break it up as much.
    Although there are still adult series, The Girl in the Dragon Tattoo or the Stephanie Plum books, there just don’t seem to be as many of them. Or more of, it’s not like YA books where every book feels like a sequel.

    As to your other questions, of the books I’ve read above, I haven’t finished any of the series either. I have read the first 2 in both Wither and Dellirium, but only the first of Hex Hall

    • Good point! YA books do tend to be much shorter than Adult novels… which leads me to another question…Why do YA novels have to be shorter? Is it because of teen attention spans? Or so that the books don’t look as intimidating to pick up because they have smaller page counts?

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