Book Review: Fuse

fuseI literally just finished Fuse about 15 minutes ago, and I’m on such reading high that I couldn’t wait to write my review for it (I apologize in advance for any rambling and excessive gushing)! The second book in the Pure series by Julianna Baggott, Fuse was absolutely AMAZING! In fact, I think it was even more fantastic than Pure was! As the events of the book began to unfold I couldn’t put it down no matter how hard I tried! The savage and astonishing world that Baggott has created drew me further and further in with each turn of the page.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Pure series, the books revolve around the survivors of an apocalyptic event that almost destroyed the Earth. Those living inside the “Dome” at the time of the explosions (known as Pures) were kept safe, while those left outside and unprotected (known as Wretches) were left struggling to survive. Believing that his mother was still alive outside the Dome, Partridge left its safety behind to search for her. Along the way he uncovered terrible secrets about his father Willux, the detonations that occurred, and life outside the walls of the Dome. In Fuse, Partridge, Pressia, Bradwell, El Capitan, and Lyda continue to unravel the truth about the Dome, and begin to make plans for overthrowing Willux from his place of power.

If you were to ask me what I think makes Fuse so amazing, I wouldn’t hesitate to say that it’s the characters in the book. They are absolutely irresistible!  When you read Pure and Fuse you aren’t just reading about the characters, you are going on a journey with them. Alternating the narrative between the five main characters, readers are able to see how Pressia, Partridge, Bradwell, El Capitan, and Lyda grow and change throughout the course of the story. I became so attached to each of them that my heart literally broke when I reached the end of the book and realized that I would have to wait a year to find out what would happen to them next!

At the same time, however, the story is also fast-paced and action filled! With each of the characters undergoing their own quest, there is rarely a moment of boredom or disinterest. In short, the Pure series will captivate readers who love a fast-paced story filled with compelling characters, horrific creatures, and plenty of adventure! If you haven’t read the first book, then I highly recommend you do!  Those of you who have already read Pure, make sure that you definitely pick up a copy of Fuse! With the main plot already well under way, Fuse is was even more gripping and addicting than its predecessor. The third book cannot come soon enough in my opinion!

Rating: 5 Stars


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