A Monday Morning Laugh

If you’ve been checking my blog this past week you’ll notice the lack of book reviews being posted. For whatever reason I just haven’t been in the reviewing mood lately! Hopefully that will change this week and I’ll get back into the blogging groove again! For now, here are some videos that gave me a good laugh this Monday morning! “Paint” is a youtube channel run by Jon Cozart, a university student in the States with plenty of talent! After my brother showed me his “Harry Potter in 99 Seconds” video last night, I’ve spent the past morning going through all of the videos on his channel. Here are my three favourite that will certainly give you a laugh or two!




5 thoughts on “A Monday Morning Laugh

  1. I LOVE these guys! Their latest video is going viral I think – it’s about the true endings of Disney Princess movies, haha!

    And now I’ve got HP in 99 seconds stuck in my head… “Harry gets put in the Triwizard tournament, with dragons and mermaids, oh no! Edward Cullen gets slain – he’s back!”

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