Cover Love: A Tale for the Time Being

taleOn Saturday afternoon I decided to stop by Chapters for a quick browse on my way to run some errands. Making my way over to the new books display, a stunning, bright cover immediately caught my eye. Compared to the other books around it, A Tale for the Time Being by Ruth Ozenki was like a shot of colour in a world of black and white. I just couldn’t stop staring at it! After about two straight minutes of simply being awe struck by its beauty (and drooling), I finally picked it up and decided to read the synopsis.

A Tale for the Time Being tells the story of a novelist named Ruth who is living in British Columbia. While strolling the beach, she finds a Hello Kitty lunch box with a diary inside of it that has washed ashore. The diary belongs to Nao, a sixteen year old girl from Tokyo whose only escape from the bullying she suffers is through her writing. As Ruth begins to translate the diary, she begins to learn about Nao’s struggles, and tries to piece together the young girl’s fate.

Entranced by both the cover and the storyline, it took me about 15 more minutes to put the book back on the shelf and slowly back away from the store. Having sworn to spend no money on unnecessary purchases this month, walking out of Chapters without that book in my hand was a true test of my willpower! Instead, I went home and tortured myself by looking up more information on Ozenki’s novel.

tale2Through my searching, I discovered that A Tale for the Time Being has also been published in the UK with an equally fascinating cover! While the front and back of the UK edition is like your typical hardcover, the book lacks a spine! Instead, the binding of the book is left visible to the reader, with the author’s name printed directly onto it as if written using a permanent marker! In addition, using your phone or tablet while pointed at the book brings the cover to life (as seen in the video below). How freaking amazing is that?!

Needless to say I am quite smitten with both of the covers used for Ozenki’s novel, and I can tell that it will be hard to resist buying a copy for myself! I’ve put a copy on hold at the library, so I’m hoping that it will arrive for me soon! My fingers are crossed that the story itself is as beautiful and magical as the covers that I’ve fallen in love with.


11 thoughts on “Cover Love: A Tale for the Time Being

  1. I’m intrigued by anything involving Japan, and this sounds like a sweet story! Cool covers – look forward to your reviews!

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