Tea Time: The Aviator’s Wife

aviatorTea: Coconut Oolong (David’s Tea)
This airy and delicious tea was just recently released as a part of David’s Tea’s spring collection. In some ways this Coconut Oolong reminded me of a lighter and more coconutty (not a real word but I’m going to use it anyways) version of David’s black tea Fantasy Island. I’m officially in love with it, and can definitely see myself ordering more for my tea shelf in the future!

Book: The Aviator’s Wife 
This recently released novel from Melanie Benjamin explores the life of Anne Morrow, the wife of the famous aviator Charles Lindbergh, who was the first man to successfully fly across the ocean to France. I’m about 150 pages into the book right now and already have mixed feelings. On the one hand, I am genuinely enjoying the writing and the history. On the other hand, Anne and her relationship with Charles is extremely frustrating. One thing is for certain, I’ll definitely be doing some research on the Lindberghs once I’ve finished reading to better gauge how much of the novel is based on fact, and how much is fiction.


10 thoughts on “Tea Time: The Aviator’s Wife

  1. I’m almost frustrated by the sudden appearance of novels about the wives of famous men. Think The Paris Wife by McLain and Tanis Ridout’s Above All Things. These women are only being imagined because of their proximity to fame. That’s being said, I’m reading Z about Zelda Fitzgerald right now, and enjoying it. But the feminist in me is angry!

    • Great point! There are tons of authors focusing of famous wives! Although to be fair to Melanie Benjamin, from what I’ve read so far in The Aviator’s Wife, it seems as if the author is trying to highlight Anne Lindbergh’s own accomplishments, which were often overshadowed by her husband’s fame.

  2. I absolutely love the coconut oolong from David’s tea! it is just so nice and tasty! I have to get some more later on to make it real part of my collection. This looks like an interesting read too !

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  4. For anyone who has more than a surface knowledge of Anne Morrow Lindbergh, The Aviator’s Wife presents her life in a frivolous and disparaging manner, with countless inaccuracies of the facts of her life, but more importantly, with an erroneous sense of who she was, her accomplishments and her sense of self. So much of this can be found in Reeve’s latest book of her mother’s letters and diaries, Against Wind and Tide. Mrs. Lindbergh was a woman of great substance — highly educated, incredibly literate and wonderfully expressive in her writing. I give classes and presentations on this remarkable woman, so this portrayal of Mrs. Lindbergh in The Aviator’s Wife is very disturbing to me. More can be learned about the real Mrs. Lindbergh through my blog Tea With Mrs. Lindbergh at http://www.moonshellspublishing.com.

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