Tea Time: Wedding Night

weddingTea: Alpine Punch (David’s Tea) 
This Rooibos tea has become my boyfriend’s favourite! Every time he comes over to my house he asks for a cup! A delicious blend of apples, coconut, cinnamon, and ginger, Alpine Punch is simply to die for! According to my boyfriend it tastes like Christmas in a cup! I’m not sure about his Christmas comparison, but I certainly love it! An added bonus is that its caffeine free, making it a great night time drink.

Book: Wedding Night by Sophie Kinsella
When this finished copy of Kinsella’s upcoming book appeared at my door yesterday, I couldn’t hold back my squeals of excitement! The story revolves around Lottie, who at the age of 33 is tired of having boyfriends who refuse to commit to marriage. When one of her old boyfriend’s named Ben reminds her of their pact to marry each other if they are still single at 30, Lottie jumps at the chance. Lottie’s sister, however, isn’t thrilled with this impulsive decision, and with the help of Ben’s friend, attempts to track her sister down and sabotage her wedding night. So far I’m 115 pages into the book, and I’m liking it! I was caught off guard at first by the shifting narration between Lottie and Fliss, but now I’m enjoying the experience of seeing the story through the eyes of both sisters. I can’t wait to see what Fliss tries to do to ruin Lottie’s wedding night!  Wedding Night will hit shelves on April 23rd! Check back next week for my review!


5 thoughts on “Tea Time: Wedding Night

  1. Awesome review of the tea. I shall be coming over and demanding my own cup. This actually sounds like Kinsella book I can read. I can’t read destructive personalities I wig-out.

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