Ten Second Reviews

Over the past few weeks I’ve read ALOT of really great books! I wish I could write full length reviews for each of these novels, but alas, time is just not on my side! So, here is another round of ten second reviews! Ready…..Set…..Go!

crocodileCrocodile on the Sandbank by Elizabeth Peters
Amelia Peabody, a lover of the classics and history, travels to Egypt with her friend Evelyn for an adventure of a lifetime. The two women soon find themselves at an archaeological dig being run by a pair of handsome brothers named Radcliffe and Walter Emerson. When a real life mummy begins roaming the town nearby, however, the brothers’ quest to uncover precious history is threatened to end. With a parasol in hand, Amelia becomes determined to uncover the truth behind this mysterious mummy, and help the brothers to continue their research. I loved this book! It was cute, fun, and had just the right amount of mystery. In some ways Crocodile on the Sandbank actually reminded me of the Soulless series by Gail Carriger, minus the werewolves and vampires. Amelia and Radcliffe were just like Alexia and Lord Maccon! Definitely worth a read if you like history, mystery, and a bit of romance.
Rating: 4.5 Stars

dragonballDragonball Vol. 1 by Akira Toriyama
Being a lover of graphic novels, my boyfriend kept insisting that I give Dragonball a try. I’m so glad that he did! I loved it! Having grown up watching the anime, reading the manga was like being a kid again. The story revolves around Goku, a strange child with super human strength. When Goku meets Bulma, she convinces him to help her collect the seven Dragonballs,which are scattered across the country. If they manage to collect all seven, Bulma will be granted any wish she wants by a powerful dragon. Now Dragonball is not to be confused with Dragonball Z. While many of the characters are the same, Dragonball is much more light hearted and comedic than Dragonball Z. I was laughing like a crazy person the entire way through! If you are a fan of graphic novels, or enjoyed the old anime, then definitely give this manga a try!
Rating: 5 Stars

darkloverDark Lover by J.R. Ward
After seeing this book continually pop up on my Goodreads feed, I finally decided to give it a try. A series focused on a brotherhood of vampires, this particular book followed Wrath, the king of the vampire race. After one of his most trusted fighters dies, Wrath finds himself entrusted with the care of his daughter, a half human named Beth. The last thing Wrath expects is to find himself falling for Beth, which is exactly what happens. As a romance novel Dark Lover was pretty good, and was filled with plenty of tension and drama. The only thing that drove me crazy was the character names. I mean Wrath? Rhage? Vishous? I know vampire names should sound tough, but those were a bit ridiculous. Silly names aside, I will be reading the rest of the books in this series the next time I’m looking for something light and fluffy.
Rating: 4 Stars

legacyLegacy by Cayla Kluver
On her 17th birthday, Crown Princess Alera must begin the process of choosing the man whom she will marry and make the next King. While her father’s choice of suitor fills Alera with despair, no other suitable candidate is in sight. That is until a handsome young man appears within the castle’s walls one night, and sweeps Alera off her feet. Unfortunately, he also just happens to be their kingdoms greatest enemy. I have very mixed feelings about this book. While I really enjoyed the plot of the story, the writing drove me absolutely insane! Kluver spent way too much time describing every single napkin, tree, dress, and toothpick in the book when she could have been focusing on progressing the story. Despite my constant irritation with the writing style, I do think I might actually pick up the sequel to see what happens next.
Rating: 3 Stars

aviatorThe Aviator’s Wife by Melanie Benjamin
Focused on the life of Anne Morrow, The Aviator’s Wife explores the history of the Lindbergh family, and what it was like for Anne to be married to one of history’s most famous pilots. Knowing absolutely nothing about the Lindbergh’s before I started this book, I was left flabbergasted by some of the major events of their lives, like the famous kidnapping of their son. As a historical novel, The Aviator’s Wife was very interesting, however, the imagined relationship between Anne and Charles was extremely aggravating!! I constantly felt the urge to punch them both in the face. If you like reading about famous historical woman, then maybe give this one a shot, but otherwise I would skip it altogether and just research the Lindbergh’s online for their story (which really is fascinating!).
Rating: 3 Stars


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