My Favourite Poems


As Poetry Month winds down to an end, I thought that I would take a moment to share some of my favourite poems. Unfortunately, my list of favourites is so long that it would probably take an entire month to post them all! So, instead I’ve decided to post my current top three picks. They are all very different from one another, but they hold a special place in my heart.

1. Litany by Billy Collins
In this video Billy Collins explains the origin of his poem Litany before reciting it. A humorous satire on love, Litany always makes me crack a smile whenever I hear it!

2. I, Too, Sing America by Langston Hughes
In one of my classes for university we had the opportunity to study some of Langston Hughes’s poetry. I immediately fell in love with this short but powerful poem. Denzel Washington did an amazing job reciting it during The Great Debaters movie, so check it out in the video below!

3. The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes
This is the first poem I ever remember hearing recited and falling in love with. It made an appearance in the Anne of Green Gables movie and I kept rewinding it to listen again and again. While the version in Anne of Green Gables is shortened, it is certainly powerful, so I chose to share that clip. Check out the full poem here though! It is fantastic!



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