Book Review: Revealed

revealedAfter going through some Lizzie Bennet Diaries withdrawel a few weeks ago, I remembered a book that one of my friends from library school had recommended to me back in February. Being a LBD addict herself, she had tracked down a romance series published by one of the writers of the popular YouTube series. Using the psydonym of Kate Noble, Kate Rorick has written several romance novels set in the regency period. Eager to get a bit of a romance kick, I downloaded a copy of Revealed, the first in Noble’s The Blue Raven series. I know… the cover of the novel seems cheesy and fluffly… but the actual story ended up being really good! I was pleasently suprised by the amount of thought that Noble/Rorick put into the plot. Unlike your typical Regency Romance, Revealed acutally has some substance to it! 

The story revolves around Phillippa, a young widow who is the toast of English society. Stealing away one evening to have an affair with a handsome marquis, Phillippa stumbles upon England’s most notorious spy, The Blue Raven! In the midst of a uncovering an enemy plot, The Raven (Marcus) finds himself needing access to London’s elite society. In need of a theme for her upcoming party, Phillippa agrees to help Marcus get invited to the most elite parties in exchange for revealing his identity at her annual ball. What follows is a mystery/romance/adventure that I had trouble putting down! Funny, charming, and full of surprises, Revealed was just the entertaining read that I was looking for! 

The only trouble I had with this book was getting past the initial portrayal of Phillippa’s character in the opening chapters. Snobby, spoiled, and quite frankly a bitch, Phillippa was a hard heroine to like.  Luckily, as the story unfolded, I was happy to find my opinion of her character changing. Recognizing her own flaws and shortcomings, Phillippa’s personality does a complete 360!  

The Bottom Line: If you enjoy regency romances, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, and the occasional spy thriller, then Revealed is for you! Don’t let Phillappa’s bitchy personality put you off at first. Revealed is a cute and entertaining romance, and I can’t wait to get my hands on the next book in the series, The Summer Of You, which I hear from other reviewers is even better!

Rating: 4 Stars


4 thoughts on “Book Review: Revealed

  1. Sounds great, Natalie! The cover looks a bit cheesy, but I’m glad it had some depth to it! This sounds very similar to another series of novels I read awhile back: The Secret History of the Pink Carnation! If you like spies and romance set in the regency era, I think you’ll like them!

    And I’m having LBD withdrawal symptoms too 😦

  2. The cover is something I would pass by, thinking it is just another romance novel. But it actually sounds kind of fun and interesting. I absolutely love LBD and I really miss it (I want to go back and rewatch them all now). It’s great that you found something to help with your withdrawal, can’t wait to hear what you think of the next book!

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