Tea Time: Eleanor and Park

Screen shot 2013-06-10 at 3.27.42 PMTea: Chocolate Orange Pu’erh (David’s Tea)
This delightful tea is the first blend that I ever purchased at David’s Tea. Being an absolute lover of Terry’s Chocolate Oranges at Christmas, this tea helps me to get through the months when my favourite holiday treat isn’t available in stores. While not nearly as scrumptious as an actual chocolate orange, the hints of chocolate and orange in the tea are still satisfying. An added bonus is that Pu’erh teas are known for being beneficial in digestion and weight control. What’s not to like about that? With only enough tea leaves left to make one more cup of Chocolate Orange Pu’erh, I’m going to have to make sure to buy some more next time I’m in London or Toronto!
teateatea3.5 Teacups out of 5 

Book: Eleanor and Park
I’m not going to lie, Eleanor and Park might not have made its way onto my radar if John Green hadn’t brought it to my attention. Once it received his seal of approval, however, I rushed online and placed a hold on the copy at my library. I started reading it yesterday morning and probably would have read the entire book in one sitting if I didn’t have to rush off to Toronto. Luckily, today is my day off from work, and I’ve been spending the entire morning curled up with it while it rains like cats and dogs outside. I only have about 40 pages left, so chances are that I’m going to be finished reading it in the next 30 minutes. Without giving too much away, all I can really say is that Eleanor and Park is a story of two misfit teens who fall in love with each other. If the speed at which I’m racing through this book is any indication, I’m absolutely loving it so far! Look for my review sometime this week!


2 thoughts on “Tea Time: Eleanor and Park

  1. Such a good book! I probably wouldn’t have read it had it not been a title assigned to me for the other blog I write for. I’ve had chocolate orange tea (tasty!) but haven’t had this one. I also have no idea how to pronounce it haha.

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