Review: Crazy Rich Asians

crazy richAnyone wishing for the perfect book this summer need look no further then Kevin Kwan’s whirlwind debut Crazy Rich Asians! Fun, luxurious, and down right crazy, Crazy Rich Asians will have readers drooling by the end! When Rachel Chu is invited to visit her boyfriend’s family home in Singapore for the summer, she is excited to get away for a couple of months with the man that she loves. Little does she know that Nick not only comes from a large family, but a super rich one. Rich enough to rival even Donald Trump! Facing jealous women who want Nick for themselves, and a family who thinks she could never be good enough for their son, Rachel must find a way to navigate the world of Asia’s wealthiest people. A cross between Cinderella and Meet The Parents, Crazy Rich Asians is entertaining and absolutely jaw-dropping!

I loved this book! It was absolutely fantastic! A combination of romance, satire, and family drama, Crazy Rich Asians had me giggling one moment and oohing and aahing the next. Although I initially went into the book expecting a romantic comedy of sorts, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the story actually had more depth to it.While Crazy Rich Asians is full of humour and fun, it also takes a serious look at the culture clash between old and new money, as well as the way in which wealth can affect relationships. These more somber moments in the book helped to make the opulence and craziness of the plot seem more realistic and relatable to everyday life.

I also really enjoyed Kwan’s decision to narrate the story from several different perspectives. While Rachel and Nick’s storyline was my favourite, getting to read about Nick’s cousins Astrid and Eddie, along with his mother was refreshing and added more drama to the overall plot. These different narratives also provide the reader with a better understanding into the way Nick’s family thinks and the decisions that they make.

The only aspect of the book that I found confusing was trying to keep all of Nick’s family members and friends straight! Even with the help of the family tree at the beginning of the novel, I often found myself floundering. If anything though, my frustration helped me feel more sympathetic towards Rachel’s character, who was just as confused and befuddled as I was trying to remember how different people were related to Nick.

Overall, Crazy Rich Asians was an addicting read that I couldn’t put down! Fun, fast paced, and fabulous, this is definitely one book that you should check out this summer! My fingers are crossed that Kwan’s wish to turn Crazy Rich Asians into a trilogy comes true so that I can bask some more in the glamour of Singapore and Nick’s super crazy family!

Rating: 4.5 Stars


4 thoughts on “Review: Crazy Rich Asians

  1. Wow, you really enjoyed this, Natalie! I’ve been eyeing this ever since it came out, so I’m glad it’s as enjoyable as it seems. 😉

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