Ten Second Reviews

It’s time for another round of 10 Second Reviews! I’ve been reading a lot of series lately, so this post is mostly focused on new and old series that I’ve read in the past month! Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

sevenSeven for a Secret by Lyndsay Faye
Timothy and Valentine Wilde are back and on the hunt for another murderer! This time the novel focuses on the Fugitive Slave Law, and life for African Americans living in New York City during the 1850s. I didn’t realize how much I missed Timothy and Valentine until I started reading Seven for a Secret. I love them! Yes…even the gruff and womanizing Valentine (who has actually grown to be my favourite character). The storyline in this sequel was entertaining, but I didn’t enjoy it quite as much as The Gods of Gotham. Nevertheless, I wait with bated breath to see what both Timothy and Valentine get up to next! A great historical/mystery series!
Rating: 4 Stars


angelAngelfall by Susan Ee
A post apocalyptic YA novel where angels have descended into the modern world and started destroying it. When Penryn’s sister is kidnapped by a group of angels, she is forced to team up with an enemy angel to help get her back. I haven’t read a lot of angel fiction, but I did find the storyline pretty unique and entertaining. I was a little bit disappointed though. This book has been getting nothing but five star ratings from the people I follow on Goodreads, but I wouldn’t rate it more than a 3.5. There was something about the writing style that just didn’t suit me. Despite this fact, Angelfall did peak my interest, and I’m really curious to find out what happens next! I’ll definitely be reading the next book.
Rating: 3.5 Stars

crownCrown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas
This is the sequel that I’ve been waiting over a year for! After reading and loving Throne of Glass, I just had to find out what would happen to Celaena next! Now the King’s assassin, Celaena’s loyalties are being put to the test. Attempting to uncover the source of the King’s power and destroy it, Celaena must do his bidding or jeopardize her mission. Crown of Midnight was just as gripping as the first book, and I practically flew through the pages. What I didn’t expect, however, was to have my heartbroken more than once while reading it. Now I have to wait another year for the next book! Ugh!
Rating: 4 Stars


outOutlander by Diana Gabaldon
This series has been around for years now but I finally managed to find the time to read it! While on holiday in Scotland with her husband, Claire finds herself flung back in time to 1743. Saved from an evil British commander by a clan of Scotsmen, Claire meets the dashing Jamie Fraser. A love story ensues where Claire is forced between choosing her old life in the future, or her new one in the past. While I can see how many readers would find this story entertaining, I couldn’t help but think it slow and tedious. This 870 page novel could have easily been condensed into at least 400 pages if half of the unnecessary  scenes had been taken out. This reviewer on Goodreads captures the essence of Outlander perfectly (and hilariously).
Rating: 2.5 Stars


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