Tea Time: Santa’s Secret

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Tea: Santa’s Secret (David’s Tea)
This peppermint tea is from David’s Tea’s Christmas collection! A blend of Chinese black tea, peppermint leaves, candy cane sprinkles, and added flavouring, Santa’s Secret is sweet and minty (obviously). Based on all the excited buzz I’ve heard surrounding this tea (it has some hard core fans apparently), I had some pretty high expectations when I picked it up at the store earlier this month. While it was delicious, it wasn’t nearly as good as I had thought it would be. I guess I was expecting something more candy cane flavoured, but it tasted just like a regular peppermint tea. I would definitely drink/buy this tea again, but I don’t think I would go so far as to stock up on it for the year like some of my other teas.
Rating: 3/5 Teacups

Book: There’s Something About Christmas
As it’s been getting closer to Christmas, I’ve found myself on a bit of a Debbie Macomber binge. I love her Christmas stories, which are always cute and festive! I’ve already managed to read Starry Night (loved!) and The Perfect Christmas (cute!), and so now I’ve moved on to There’s Something About Christmas. This particular story is about Emma, a reporter who is covering a story on a fruitcake baking competition. In order to interview the contestants, Emma is stuck flying to each town with a cheeky (and handsome) pilot named Oliver. I’m sure you can guess where the plot goes from there! So far I’m enjoying it, although I hated how the book started off with Emma in the middle of a conversation with Oliver. It was almost like Macomber’s publisher got rid of the first two chapters in order to make the book shorter! Oh well!


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