Reading in 2014!

new year

Welcome to 2014! This past year was a FANTASTIC year for reading, and I can only hope that 2014 will be the same! In 2013 I managed not only to meet my reading goal of 100 books, but surpassed it! Altogether I read 127  Adult, YA, and Graphic novels! I honestly have no idea how I managed it! My only real explanation is that my time spent watching TV really took a nose dive this year. For some reason my books were just way more appealing than my favourite TV shows!

Other great things that happened in 2014 include getting a part-time job as a Branches Librarian in my hometown! I LOVE my job, and I couldn’t be happier helping people find great books, running children’s programs, and setting up book displays! I also got to meet a lot of amazing people in the book industry, like authors Rainbow Rowell and Andrew Kaufman! All in all 2013 was one of the best bookish years I’ve had yet!

My goals for 2014 are pretty similar to last year. I’m hoping to read at least 100 books again, find full-time work as a librarian, and continue working on my blog. I kind of let my blog postings fall to the wayside this year. After spending all day on a computer at work, the last thing I want to do when I get home is go on the computer again. I’m going to have to find a way to get as many postings done as possible on my day off, and then post them throughout the week.

I’m also hoping to tackle my to-read pile once again! The books picture below are just some of the novels that I am really looking forward to finally reading this year! Which book do you think I should start with? What are your reading goals for this year?

city of thievwitchesshadowlocke

snow crash








5 thoughts on “Reading in 2014!

  1. 2013 was a particularly good bookish year, wasn’t it? My 2014 goals are pretty much the exact same as yours. Of the books you want to read I’ve only read The Discovery of Witches and I loooved it, so I recommend that one. BUT I’d wait…the third and final book will be released in July (I hope) so it might be best to read the first two closer to the release date. If they weren’t so huge I’d consider a reread since I can’t really remember what happened in book two! Here’s to an awesome and book filled 2014!

  2. Over 100 books.. you are amazing! I hope you do find full-time work because I have no doubt whatsoever that you are a fabulous librarian. Can’t wait to see more reviews, posts and videos from you in the future!

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