Ten Second Reviews!

flatFlat-Out Love by Jessica Park
This book was cute, and a really fast read! I had trouble putting it down! The story follows Julie as she moves to Boston to start her first year of college. When Julie’s off-campus housing falls through, she finds herself moving into the home of her mother’s old college roommate, Erin Watkins. The Watkins are far from a normal family. Erin and her husband are kind and welcoming, but eccentric and academically driven. Matt, the middle child, is thoughtful and sweet, but a complete MIT geek. Celeste, the youngest, insists on carrying a life size cardboard cutout of her oldest brother everywhere she goes. Then their’s Finn, the eldest. Finn is handsome, funny, smart, and currently living halfway across the world. Trying to better understand the Watkins family, Julie begins talking to Finn online, and finds herself flat-out falling in love with him. While I was able to guess the secret behind the Watkins’s strange behaviour from the first few chapters, I fell in love with this strange and charming family. A great new-adult novel!
Rating: 4 Stars


Counting by 7s by Holly Goldberg Sloan
Wow! Talk about a moving and inspiring book! Counting by 7s is the story of Willow Chance, a 12 year-old super genius, who finds herself an orphan after the tragic death of her parents. As described on Goodreads, “The triumph of this book is that it is not a tragedy.” Far from it! This story is about the way in which the lives of other characters are completely changed for the better after meeting Willow. Willow’s ability to alter the attitudes and perceptions of the people she encounters was beautiful and moving. And the narration in Counting by 7s was absolute perfection! A fantastic read that deserves the buzz and awards it has been getting!
Rating: 4.5 Stars


Storm Front by Jim Butcher
Harry Dresden is a private investigator. He’s not just any P.I. though…he also happens to be a wizard. Storm Front is the first book in the Dresden Files series, and follows Harry as he tries to catch a gruesome murderer who is using black magic to kill his victims. After hearing a lot of praise about these books, I was greatly disappointed by the general story. I was able to figure out who the murderer was in the first chapter, and found myself subsequently bored by the rest of the book. While Harry was an interesting and funny character, I don’t see myself picking up any of the other books in this series.
Rating: 2.5 Stars 

easyEasy by Tammara Webber
Attacked in a parking lot after leaving a college party, Jacqueline finds herself being saved by a handsome stranger, who turns out to be in one of her classes. With his tattoos, piercings and dark floppy hair, Lucas appears to fit the description of the typical “bad boy.” Drawn to him, Jacqueline soon discovers a completely different side to this secretive guy, and finds herself slowly falling for him. I have a love/hate relationship with this book. I love a good romance and some drama (which this book has lots of), but I couldn’t help wanting to give Jacqueline a good shake at the beginning of the book. After being nearly raped, she decides not to report her attacker to the police, even after he starts stalking her.  Stupid girl!!! Lucas more then made up for Jacqueline’s stupidness though, and I couldn’t help but fall in love with him a bit myself. So is this book a bit ridiculous? Yes. But is it easy to put down? Heck no!
Rating: 4 Stars


6 thoughts on “Ten Second Reviews!

  1. Flat Out Love looks really cute! There’s a good collection of novels here, I think. It’s such a bummer that you didn’t like the Butcher novel. And it’s surprising as it really seems like something you’d like!

  2. I hadn’t ever heard of Flatout love ever, Natalie, but your description of it made my fingers flying across my browser to goodreads-it (is it a verb now? lol). It sounds SO good! And so different from anything I’ve read in the genre. Must check it out now!

  3. Well, I was expecting more from Easy, but I still enjoyed it.
    Jacqueline wasn’t my favourite protagonist and I agree with you, she’s done a lot of stupid things.
    I liked Lucas, though. Such a strong guy. And his story…made me really sad.

    I didn’t think there will be as many abusive moments. So it was kinda turn-off for me. I don’t read a lot of books on this subject, but I’m glad I’ve read this one.

    I’ll be definitely reading some more new adult, so maybe you have some recs for me? (I’m new here, so if you have a blog post about it, I’ll be happy to read it.:))

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