Tea Time: Love Tea #7

Screen shot 2014-01-13 at 6.54.23 PMTea: Love Tea #7 (David’s Tea)
With dark chocolate, strawberries, and rose petals, Love Tea #7 is like the perfect date! My first reaction on sipping this tea was how similar in taste it is to Chocolate Rocket (one of my favourite teas, which I just realized I have yet to review on my blog!). The only real difference is the subtle after taste of rose petals. While I definitely still love Chocolate Rocket much more than Love Tea #7 (I’m not a huge fan of flowery tastes), this is a great tea for those nights when I’m having a craving for dark chocolate!
Rating: 3.5/5 teacups

Book: The School for Good and Evil by Soman Chainani
I started this book on Saturday afternoon and I haven’t been able to put it down all weekend long! Magical, adventurous, and even a little bit dark at times, The School for Good and Evil is like Cinderella meets Hogwarts! The story revolves around a magical school, where boys and girls train to either be princes and princesses, or cruel-hearted villains. The only way to graduate from the school, is to eventually become a part of your own fairy-tale! When beautiful and kind-hearted Sophie finds herself somehow in the School for Evil, and Agatha the village outcast is sent to the School for Good, the girls initially think that their school master must have made some kind of terrible mistake. As the events in the story unfold, however, Sophie and Agatha realize that this mix-up might not have been a mistake after all! I fell in love with the concept of this book from the moment I first read the synopsis, and it has yet to disappoint me! With only 50 pages left, I’ll be sure to finish this magical read tonight and post my final review for it sometime this week!


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