Document Your Life: January 2014

Sometime last year I came across a project called Document Your Life. Participants film short clips of the things they see and do throughout the month, and then put it altogether as a video with music. The purpose is to help you notice the beautiful little things in life, and hopefully live your life to the fullest. I thought it was a great project, and decided to make it one of my goals for 2014! Unfortunately, I kind of forgot about it halfway through January, so this month’s video is pretty short. I tried to fill it out a little bit more by throwing in a couple of pictures and tweets. Hopefully in February I’ll get my act together! Enjoy!


13 thoughts on “Document Your Life: January 2014

  1. I love the idea of Document Your Life – such a sweet sentimental thing to make. Especially all the US/Canada winter ones – so magical. PS. I love Brandi Carlile 🙂

  2. I love this! I’ve actually been collecting little footage too, but I feel like I always forget about it lol.
    It looks like you had a really lovely January.
    And you and Tom are still the cutest!

  3. I’ve heard about this and I’m so intrigued! Maybe I’ll do one too. I actually have a few videos and a TON of pictures from January (did you see my Facebook album? lol). Plus, I’ve just learned how to make videos and such on my new laptop. New project idea! Lindsey (from Random House) has done the same sort of thing. Definitely a very cool project. Finally, I am honoured to find myself in your January recap, lol.

  4. This was GREAT – I’m doing it too and I too find it difficult to remember to actually film different things, but hopefully it becomes more natural as the year continues.

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