In the Library: Bookish Valentines

I love my job. Especially when it comes to making book displays! To get the library in a festive mood for Valentine’s Day this year, I decided to do something a bit different, and make an interactive display for the kids. I left blank Valentine’s Day cards in the children’s section for the kids to fill out to their favourite book or author, during the weeks leading up to February 14th, and was amazed by the response. The kids filled out so many Valentine cards that I had to keep printing out new ones!


One of the great things about this display was getting  a glimpse at what the kids in my city are reading. By far the most popular Valentine choice was the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series by Jeff Kinney (no surprise there!). The Geronimo Stilton series and The Magic Treehouse books tied for second place, and Robert Munsch came in at a close third! Some of the Valentine’s that the kids wrote were so cute that I just had to share them with you below!

butterI Love Butterfly Birthday (by Harriet Ziefert)…. Because the butterflies are born!


I love Smelly Socks (by Robert Munsch)…. Because sometimes I love socks soo much that I whant to where them everyday! (Got to love the spelling mistakes haha!)


I love Erin Hunter…. Because her books are about animals they are awesome.


I love Geronimo Stilton…. Because he has a funny scence of humour! (Spl mistake again… but they spelt Geronimo right!)

What book or author would you write a Valentine card to if you had the chance? I think my Valentine would go something like this: I love J.K. Rowling because she opened my eyes to a world of magic. OR I love Jane Austen because her beautiful stories take my breath away.

Happy belated Valentines Day to everyone! I hope you had a great weekend surrounded by the friends and family that you love!


6 thoughts on “In the Library: Bookish Valentines

  1. Awww how cute! I love seeing the spelling mistakes of my students too, especially since they remind me of my own at that age! Hahha

    My bookish valentines would be to the same people: JKR and Jane Austen!

  2. I’m not going to lie…I totally wanted to fill out one of those for myself, haha. I think you’re spot on with JK Rowling and Jane Austen…I might add Rainbow Rowell to that list too. She was just so lovely and her books are fabulous!

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