Tea Time : Read My Lips (North and South)

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Tea: Read My Lips (David’s Tea)
Looking for a delicious chocolate tea? Your search is over! Read My Lips from David’s Tea is a tasty and scrumptious tea that will leave you feeling more than satisfied. The perfect blending of dark chocolate and mint, Read My Lips is like drinking dessert. I’ll admit though, it wasn’t love at first taste with this tea. I actually tried Read My Lips for the first time last year, and thought it was just “Meh.” After receiving a tin of it for Christmas though, I decided to give it a second chance, and boy am I glad that I did! It’s divine!
Rating: 4/5 teacups 

Book: North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell
This past November I watched the BBC adaptation of North and South starring Richard Armitage (swoon!), and ever since then I’ve been dying to get my hands on the original book! I finally managed to scoop up a copy, and the novel is proving to be just as delightful as the film! The story focuses on Margaret Hale, a young woman who finds herself moving from the South of England to the North after her father decides that he can no longer fulfill his duties as a local preacher. In Milton, Margaret meets Mr. Thornton, a proud and intelligent mill owner who becomes the pupil of her father. Margaret and Mr. Thornton butt heads…..to say the least…..but the result is a beautiful love story! I’m really enjoying North and South so far, and can’t wait to re-watch the BBC series again after having finished the book! Check out this scene from the first episode….it’s one of my favourites!


6 thoughts on “Tea Time : Read My Lips (North and South)

  1. Both these things are my favourites. You might want to check out Mint to Be from David’s as well – chocolate, coconut and mint. =p I liked how N&S the book didn’t have violent Thornton…and I really like how it ends. I won’t say anything else, though – don’t want to spoil it!

    • I’ve tried Mint To Be! It was pretty tasty! And the non-violent Thornton was the first thing I noticed! That’s the first real difference between the book/film that I’ve come across so far. When Margaret first met Thornton I was like…..what? I thought she met him in the factory? I’m curious to see how different the ending of the book is now too!

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