Liebster Award!


Wow! Over the past two weeks I have been honoured with receiving a Liebster Award from both Chelsey from Chels and a Book and Jenny from Jenny Likes Books! The Liebster Award is meant to help promote great blogs that may not have many followers. The recipient must post 11 random facts about themselves, answer a set of questions provided by the nominator (I’ve decided to go with Chelsey’s to keep things simple), and nominate recipients of their own. Soooo here it goes!

11  Random Facts About Me

1. I hate using glass cups. I don’t know why but something about holding a glass cup (especially if it’s right out of the dishwasher) gives me a horrible shivery sensation like hearing nails on a chalkboard. As a result, when I’m at home I usually stick to drinking out of mugs or plastic cups like a little kid.

2. I have an addiction to buying mugs…..and it drives my mom insane.

3. I’m terrified of aliens. Anyone who thinks E.T. is cute is CRAZY!

4. One of my dreams is to visit every continent before I die…so far I’ve been to three! (North America, South America, and Europe!)

5. I very rarely wear makeup….partly it’s because I’m too lazy, but mostly it’s because I have no idea what the heck I’m doing!

6. I have an obsession with dresses. Seriously. You should see my closet.

7. If I could have a superpower, it would be to speak/understand/write every language in the world. Lame… I know… but I love languages!

8. I love all things owls. Jewellery, knick knacks, paintings…. you name it! If it’s shaped like an owl chances are I will fall in love with it!

9. I’m the girl who actually enjoyed writing essays in University. I actually miss it…. a lot… I even stole my brother’s University login so I could creep some of my old favourite English Lit journals.

10. I’m a butterfingers! The Otterbox is probably one of the world’s greatest inventions, because there is no way that my iphone would have survived as long as it has without it! I’ve dropped my poor iphone down the stairs at least 5 times…. in my driveway at least once a week, and too many other places to count.

11. The station I listen to the most on my radio is 104.1. I’m a sucker for the classics and oldies!

Answers to Chelsey’s Questions: 

1. What is your favourite childhood book, favourite read from the last year, and most anticipated future read?
Favourite Childhood: Probably the Pony Pals series.I was kind of obsessed with it!
Favourite Read from last year: Hmm this is a tough one! I’ll go with The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss
Most Anticipated Future Read: Golden Son by Pierce Brown!!! I need to know what happens next after Red Rising!!

2. If you had the choice to create your last meal (appetiser, main course, dessert and beverage), what would it be?
We are assuming I have a bottomless pit of a stomach right? Because there is no way I could ever eat all of this in one meal…even it it were my last!
Appetizer: Loaded Potato Soup
Main Course: The Son of a Beech Burger from The Works
Dessert: Skor Chocolate Trifle
Drink: Iced Tea

3. What would your ideal bookshelf/ library look like? (Pictures accepted!)

library2I LOVE white bookshelves! They look so crisp, clean, and pretty! I’d love to have a room in my house just like this one!

4. If you were to get a tattoo tomorrow, what would it be and where?
I’ve always wanted to get a tattoo, but I can never settle on one idea long enough to actually follow through with it! Right now I think I would get an owl on my wrist.

5. Do you anticipate your birthday, wish it was over faster or remain indifferent?
Hah! Considering it was my birthday this past weekend….I’ll say I remain indifferent….

6. What is in your ideal smoothie?
Bananas….and….chocolate sauce! Smoothies don’t have to be healthy, do they?

7. If you were to go to a ball (Disney Princess style), what would your dress look like? 
Remember how I said I have an obsession with dresses earlier? Yup. This was the hardest question for me to answer! I’m actually not a fan of poofy ball gowns, but if I had to choose a dress it might look something like this…


8. Do you have a favourite mug? Where is it from, how long have you had it and what does it look like?
Oh boy. I have ALOT of mugs. But if I had to pick a favourite it would be the one pictured below. I got this mug last summer from my Nana. I saw it in a store when we were Up North together and oohed and awed over it, but knew my mom would be annoyed if I brought it home. When I wasn’t looking my Nana went and bought it for me, because she knows how much I love owls. She told me, “You need to have this mug! It was made for you! Now your mom can be mad at me instead of you!” I love my Nana lol!


9. What is your favourite thing about your blog?
Hmmm….Definitely the conversations and opinions that are shared in the comments section! I love getting feedback and hearing what other people think!

10. Who is your favourite man or woman in literature and why?
My favourite woman in literature is Anne from Anne of Green Gables! I just love her imagination, her wit, and her love of life!

11. If you were to adopt a dog or a cat today, what would one of your name considerations be?
One of the things I’m looking forward to the most about moving out of my parent’s house is getting a cat! I’ve been dreaming up possible names for years now! Some of those names include: Yoda, Yoshi, Dewey, and Zelda.

I’m going to follow Chelsey’s lead and do a separate post to share the blogs that I have nominated for the Liebster Award! Stay tuned!





4 thoughts on “Liebster Award!

  1. This was so much fun to read! I absolutely LOVE that gown…it’s soo pretty! And ditto with the bookshelves that you picked…love that room! And lol about loving to write essays in university. ..I did too and I also miss it! Hahaha we’re such nerds 😛

  2. Zelda! That is so cute! Well all of the names are cute but I was obsessed with Zelda as a kid so that rules my heart lol. Love all your answers and thanks for doing this :). That dress is absolutely stunning and I can totally see your owl mug on the table of that library ;). And your comment about ET made me laugh out loud haha.

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