My Weekly Obsession: Stromae

My Weekly Obsession is where I share the latest gadget, gizmo, or thingamabob that has caught my fancy! Maybe it will become your latest obsession too!


My weekly obsession pick this week is Stromae, although to be fair…it’s been more like a monthly obsession! I stumbled across Stromae on Youtube back in early April, and I haven’t been able to get enough! A Belgium singer/songwriter, Stromae is best known for his artistic flair and electric beats. Despite being HUGE in French speaking countries for the past several years, Stromae has only recently started to gain international attention in North America. After watching some of his music videos online, I instantly fell in love with him and downloaded his album entitled “Racine Carree.”

Check out his music videos for “Tous Les Memes” and “Papaoutai” below, which are my favourite songs, and maybe you’ll find yourself falling in love with him too! Some other awesome songs are “Formidable” and “Alors En Danse!”

Another awesome thing about Stromae is the “Lecons” that he records for his Youtube channel. In his “Lecons” he breaks down how he mixes and creates each song that he produces. It’s really interesting to see how all of the different beats comes together to create such amazing music! Check out this Lecon where Stromae breaks down how he made “Tous Les Memes!” He’s so funny!


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