Graphic Novel Review: Rat Queens Vol. 1


Tired of graphic novels dominated by gunslinging guys and male superheroes coming to save the day? Well the comic gods have heard your prayers! Meet the Rat Queens, a rag tag group of female friends who make a living as swords for hire. Killing by day and partying hard by night, the Rat Queens are rowdy, raunchy, and absolutely badass! There’s Hannah the Elven Mage (who slightly resembles Amy Winehouse), Dee the human cleric, Violet the beardless dwarf warrior, and Betty the mischievous smidgeon thief.

Unfortunately, not everyone seems to appreciate the work that the Rat Queens provide, and a group of assassins begin hunting not only the girls, but the town’s other mercenaries as well. Determined to uncover the plot against them, the Rat Queens pick up their blades and prepare for battle! The result is a humorous and action packed read that is brimming with personality.

rat queen1

One of the things that I enjoyed most about Rat Queens was Roc Upchurch’s beautiful illustrations! Full of vivid colours and stunning character design, Upchurch’s artwork really helped this fantasy world to come alive! I especially loved his portrayal of the Rat Queens themselves, who were very unique from one another and beautiful in there own way. At times Upchurch’s illustrations even reminded me a bit of Fiona Staples, who is hands down my favourite comic artist of all time!

Unfortunately, while I loved the art, the storyline of Rat Queens failed to blow me away. I adored the witty and sarcastic conversations that appeared throughout the text, but the plot itself seemed flat and predictable. My boyfriend ended up reading Rat Queens too and agreed with me. Although the story was lacking, Kurtis J. Wiebe did a fantastic job at giving each of the Rat Queens an individual and loveable personality, and if there is one thing I always appreciate, it’s good character development! If anything, I might pick up the second volume to hopefully learn more about the back stories of the characters, especially Violet and Hannah!

Final Verdict: Rat Queens: Vol. 1 is a fun and entertaining read for fantasy fans. These kickass female warriors are bound to win you over, and you are sure to find yourself laughing over at least one of their crazy antics!

Rating: 3.5 Stars 




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