My Weekly Obsession: Attack On Titan


One of the things that I have loved since childhood is Japanese Anime! From Dragonball to Sword Art Online, and every Miyazaki film ever produced, I just can’t get enough! It’s one of the first things I turn to when I want to relax and unwind (besides books of course!). This past week I discovered a new Anime that I am COMPLETELY OBSESSED WITH!!  The show is called Attack On Titan, and it’s based on the popular manga series written by Hajime Isayama. When I first saw the trailer for Attack on Titan a few months ago, I remember thinking “WOW…this looks like the worst Anime ever!” Thankfully the show has become so popular that I decided to give it a chance and see what all the fuss is about. And now I can’t stop watching it!!!! 

Attack on Titan takes place in a distant future, where humans have been forced to live in towns surrounded by huge walls in order to escape the attacks of massive creatures called Titans. No one knows where the Titans came from, but they are determined to wipe out the human race by devouring them one by one. The main story focuses on the character of Eren, whose mother was eaten by a Titan when he was about 12 years old. Determined to seek revenge and wipe every Titan off the face of the earth, Eren enlists in the military in his later teens, and begins his training to become a Titan killing machine! 

I’ll admit, some of the scenes in the show were a bit shocking at first. I mean, people are literally being devoured by giants! There is blood, guts, and dismembered limbs flying all over the place! How can that not be gruesome? By Episode 4, however, I was absolutely hooked! The storyline keeps taking so many twists and turns, and my need to find out what will happen next has completely consumed me! And even with the gruesome parts of the show, there is no denying how gorgeous the animation style is! It’s breathtaking! 

If you love Anime like Sword Art Online or Naruto, then definitely give this anime a try! Or, if you are looking for an awesome Anime to try for the first time, then this one comes highly recommended! Check out this epic scene from the show, along with the trailer below. You can watch the entire series on Crunchy Roll for free! Just click here to start watching Episode One right now!! You won’t regret it! 






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