Book Review: Delicious


Ruth Reichl has written a novel that foodies will adore! The story of Delicous follows Billie Breslin, a young woman who has managed to land the job of her dreams at an iconic and cherished food magazine. Unfortunately, the magazine closes shortly after she begins working there. While the rest of the staff move on and begin looking for other jobs, Billie stays behind to uphold the “Delicious Guarentee” – a public relations hotline for recipe complaints and inquiries.

While exploring the magazine’s impressive library and catalogue, Billie stumbles upon a hidden room, filled with letters from a young girl named Lulu Swan to legendary chef James Beard during WWII. Determined to uncover the secrets behind these letters, Lulu begins a journey that will lead her not only to a deeper understanding of this young, mysterious girl, but also herself.

As a lover of food, this book was delicious! All of the descriptions of the meals and desserts that Billie tasted had my mouth watering and my stomach grumbling! I probably gained 5 lbs just from reading this story!

Unfortunately, while I loved the food aspects of Delicious, the story itself was a bit slow and not nearly as satisfying. I really enjoyed getting to read Lulu’s letters, but the main plot was lacking flavour. I guess I was expecting a bit more romance, and while there was a cute love plot, there were times where it felt really staged and artificial.

While the plot was lackluster, the characters in Delicious were fabulous! Billie was instantly loveable, and I really enjoyed getting to see how she changed and matured throughout the course of the book. The secondary characters were also fun and enjoyable, and I loved getting to see a snapshot of their individual and quirky personalities. I was impressed with Riechl’s ability to write SO MANY secondary characters in her story, while still managing to make them memorable and unique. I especially adored Sal, the sweet and good humoured deli owner whom Billie eventually goes to work for.

Overall, Delicious was a light and pleasant read, but it failed to sweep me completely off my feet. I would definitely recommend it to food lovers, and those looking for a cute romance to read over the summer months. Although it didn’t WOW me, I would consider reading another book by Reichl if her characters prove to be as charming as the ones in Delicious!  

Rating: 3 Stars



4 thoughts on “Book Review: Delicious

  1. I’ve never heard of this book before, Natalie, but as a fellow food lover, I definitely want to check it out! It’s too bad the story didn’t sweep you off your feet though 😦

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