Tea Time: Chocolate Macaroon

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Tea: Chocolate Macaroon (David’s Tea)
Nom, Nom, Nom! Talk about a tasty tea! Chocolate Macaroon is (or rather…was) David’s Tea of the month for May! One of the things that I love about this tea is that it combines two of my favourite flavours: chocolate and coconut! Those who have tasted an actual chocolate macaroon will be amazed by how much this tea actually tastes like it! I was certainly impressed! Even though this was the tea of the month for May, you can still order it online, or try it in store while quantities last! I’m definitely going to be stocking up on it for myself!
Rating: 4.5/5 Teacups

Book: A Constellation of Vital Phenomena 
I bought this book last October while on a Bookstore Crawl in Toronto with one of my old university friends! When I saw it sitting on a shelf in Book City, I instantly remembered how much my friend Chelsey from Chels and a Book had said she loved this book…so of course I had to read it for myself! Sadly, it has sat on my shelf for the past 9 months, and I’ve only gotten around to picking it up now!

A Constellation of Vital Phenomena focuses on several characters whose lives intersect during the Second Chechen War (which took place between 1999-2009). The main plot, however, focuses on Akhmed, a doctor who suddenly finds himself the guardian of his neighbour’s child, Havaa, after her father is taken away and killed by the Russian Feds. I’m 200 pages into the story so far, and it is both beautifully written and moving. Unfortunately, I’m also finding it a bit slow, so it’s taking me some time to get through it. I’ve already been reading it for one week…so hopefully I will finish it by the end of this week!


3 thoughts on “Tea Time: Chocolate Macaroon

  1. Ah, I hope they still have some here! Maybe I’ll FINALLY get to the new store this weekend! Have to sign up for my frequent steeper card.
    *realizes she’s only read the part about the tea*
    *goes back to read about the book*
    I think this one was just coming out when I was at Random House. It didn’t really grab me so between that and your slow goingness, I’ll definitely take a pass.

    • I saw on Instagram that you did go to David’s Tea and bought some Chocolate Macaroon! I hope you like it!

      And A Constellation of Vital Phenomena is a beautiful book….but I don’t think it would be your cup of tea. It’s serious and a bit sad.

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