Atwood Is Coming To HBO!


You read the title of this blog posting correctly… Margaret Atwood is coming to HBO! Darren Aronofsky (the director of Black Swan and Noah) is adapting Atwood’s Maddadam series for television! Apparently this news was announced last week, but I just heard about it from a friend of mine for the first time today! Being a huge Atwood fan, and having absolutely LOVED her Maddadam books, I am beyond excited! From the moment I first read these books I could totally picture them on film, but I never imagined that it might actually happen!

For those of you unfamiliar with the Maddadam trilogy, the books focus on a post-apocolyptic world where uncontrolled genetic engineering and a widespread plague have killed off the majority of the human population. Moving between the past and present, readers discover how this world unravelled, and the struggles faced by the remaining humans to survive. I don’t want to say too much more in order to avoid spoilers, but the books are absolutely fantastic, and I highly recommend them!

While I’m really excited about seeing Maddadam on HBO, I’m also a bit wary. It’s not that I’m scared that HBO will ruin the story (after all, they have done a great job adapting the Game of Thrones books), it’s more that I’m terrified that this endeavour will end up falling to the wayside. I remember how excited I was back in 2011 when HBO announced that it would be adapting Neil Gaiman’s book American Gods into a TV series, only to find out a few months ago that the project was being cancelled. To say I was disappointed would be an understatement. So, while I’m absolutely ecstatic about this Maddadam news, I’m trying not to get my hopes up too high.


As with the case of any of any books that are in the works of becoming a movie or Tv show, I can’t help but imagine what actors might soon be bringing some of my favourite characters to life. So far the only actor I can envision is Tormund Giantsbane (pictured above) from Game of Thrones playing Zeb. He is literally picture perfect for how I imagined Zeb while reading the books, and I can totally see him pulling off his tough personality!

What do you think of Atwood’s books being adapted by HBO? Will you watch the show or read the books? Are there any actors that you would love to see as Jimmy/Snowman, Crake, Oryx, Ren, or Toby? Let me know in the comments below!


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