Tea Time: Siege and Storm

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Tea: Snickerdoodle (David’s Tea)

Containing cinnamon, monk fruit, and butterscotch, this Rooibos blend is a part of David’s Tea’s new Fall Collection! While I’ve never actually eaten a snickerdoodle cookie before, based on the taste of the tea I can imagine that they are quite scrumptious! The cinnamon and butterscotch flavours make this a perfect tea for a fall afternoon. While I enjoyed this Snickerdoodle blend, I don’t think it’s a tea that I would consider stocking up on. It was delicious, but there are other teas in the fall collection that I have enjoyed more!
Rating: 3/5 Teacups

Book: Siege and Storm by Leigh Bardugo

I was hesitant about picking up the sequel to Shadow and Bone, but boy am I glad that I did! While I enjoyed the first book in the Grisha trilogy, Siege and Storm completely blew me away! I loved the new characters, the tension was nail-biting, and I was surprised by the wide range of emotions that the book made me feel! In short, I loved it! I started reading it two nights ago and stayed up late last night to finish it. For those of you who have yet to read this series….DO IT! And definitely give the second book a chance even if you thought the first book was just ok! I have a feeling that this is a series that keeps getting better the further it goes.


2 thoughts on “Tea Time: Siege and Storm

  1. My mom asked for some of this tea and I knew as soon as I bought it that I wouldn’t enjoy it. Too much cinnamon! I think she really liked it though so that’s good! I’ll stick with the sweet apple cider and wait patiently for the fall teas.

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