Review: Glory O’Brien’s History of the Future


What if you could see the future? And what if that future was horrible and frightening? Would you try to fix it?

Glory O’Brien’s world is turned completely upside down the day that she discovers the Bat. Petrified and kept in a jar, the Bat’s remains eventually turn to dust, and on a drunken night with her friend Ellie, those ashes get mixed in with their beerAfter drinking down the beer/bat concoction the unthinkable happens…the two girls can see the future and the past and everything in between.

The future that Glory sees is confusing and frightening. Women have lost all of their rights, people are living in trees, and peace is a thing of the past. But what can she do to help? As Glory attempts to find the source of this horrifying future, she learns that she is stronger then she thinks, and that she will play a big role in the impending war to come.

I loved this book! I absolutely adored it! Full of magical realism, and even a bit of suspense, Glory O’Brien’s History of the Future is a one of a kind book. The story started out dark, which initially put me on edge. Haunted by her mother’s suicide, Glory is confused and worried that she might be destined to suffer the same fate. Once Glory began having visions, however, the book was difficult to put down! I became obsessed with finding out what would happen to Glory and the future of the world that she was envisioning.

Not only was the story compelling, but the writing was gripping and thought provoking. A.S. King is an amazing writer, and I absolutely devoured her words as they fell from the page. I loved the voice that she gave Glory, which was full of anger, confusion, grief and honesty. Typically Glory isn’t a character that I would overly like, but A.S. King’s writing makes the reader view her with understanding, and ultimately I became one of Glory’s biggest fans.

The Bottom Line: Glory O’Brien’s History of the Future is a dark and magical story that I couldn’t put down. Readers will be swept away by Glory’s visions of the future and A.S. King’s brilliant writing. A definite must read! Even if magical realism/dystopia isn’t your typical genre of choice, it is worth giving it a try!


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