Review: Soup Sisters and Broth Brothers Cookbook


In my opinion, no crisp fall day or cold winter’s night is complete without a delicious bowl of hearty, warm, and scrumptious soup. From butternut squash, to split pea, to good old fashioned chicken noodle, I just LOVE soup! You can imagine my excitement, therefore, when I was sent a copy of the new Soup Sisters and Broth Brothers Cookbook from Random House Canada!

Soup Sisters/Broth Brothers is a charitable organization started by Calgarian Sharon Hampton in 2009, which provides over 10,000 servings of fresh, homemade soup to shelters across Canada every month. The latest Soup Sisters and Broth Brothers Cookbook shares recipes from the organization’s volunteers, as well as famous chefs from across the country.  The result is a varied collection of flavorful and heavenly soups that will have you licking your bowl clean! An added bonus is that a portion of the proceeds from each copy purchased goes straight back to the charity!

As soon as the cookbook landed in my hands I immediately started flipping through all of the recipes and picking out which ones I would make first. After wiping the drool off my face, I finally settled on the Potato-Chedder soup by chef Lynn Crawford and the Simple Butternut Squash Soup from volunteer Karen Miller.

Both recipes were simple and easy to make (which is saying a lot since I am typically a horrible cook!), and the ingredients were cheap and easy to find fresh at my local market. The only part that was a tiny bit difficult was peeling and cutting the butternut squash, which took a bit of time (again…I’m a horrible cook), but other then that everything else was a snap! Both soups were delicious, and received two thumbs up from my family. I personally enjoyed the Butternut Squash soup a bit more than the Potato-Cheddar soup, but butternut squash is one of my favourite fall flavours! Next on my list is the Navy Bean, Spinach, and Dill Soup! Yum!

The Bottom Line: The Soup Sisters and Broth Brothers Cookbook is a great go-to book for a variety of tasty soup recipes! Organized by fall, winter, spring, and summer, it’s easy to find a soup for every season! The book also contains tips and tricks to make your soup vegan, vegetarian, or even gluten free!


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