Review: Little White Lies

whiteCraving a New Adult suspense that will keep you reading? Then look no further than Katie Dale’s Little White Lies! The novel focuses on Lou, a student at the University of Sheffield who takes a sudden interest in a mysterious and handsome guy named Christian. From the first moment she meets him, Lou can tell that he’s keeping secrets, and she’s determined to discover what they are, even if it means ruining their shaky relationship. Things begin to spiral out of control, however, as the lies between Christian and Lou get bigger and bigger, and suddenly the two find both their lives in imminent danger!

My feelings regarding Little White Lies remain very mixed. On the one hand, the suspense was fantastic, and the ending was pretty darn good. I believe that the key to any good suspense novel is keeping the reader guessing, and Little White Lies certainly had me putting my skills of deduction to good use! While I came up with several theories over the course of the book as to the truth behind Christian’s past (one of which proved to be right), the novel contained enough red herrings that it was difficult for me to predict what direction the story would actually take in the end.

Unfortunately, although the suspense in the book was fantastic, I found the main characters, especially Lou, a bit annoying. There were times where I just wanted to shake Lou like crazy and ask her what the heck she was thinking! I also felt like the relationship between Lou and Christian was completely unrealistic, and failed to feel any chemistry between the two of them throughout the course of the book. I don’t think Christian’s good looks would have been enough to convince me to have feelings for him if I had been in Lou’s situation.

Despite my lack of fondness for the characters, I will admit that the plot itself was entertaining, and the suspense kept me hooked. While it wasn’t a very fast-paced book, you could feel the tension growing the further that you read, and that was what kept me reading. It was also very refreshing to read about characters who were in University for once, rather than high school!

The Bottom Line: Little White Lies is an entertaining read that will keep you guessing! The characters might get on your nerves but the suspense is worth it!


One thought on “Review: Little White Lies

  1. It’s too bad the characters were disappointing, Natalie, but at least the suspense was good! I might check it out based on the fact that the characters are in university and not high school, like you said.

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