January Picks

The wonderful Meaghan from Muscles With Meag has a monthly feature on her blog where she picks her top 5 favourite products/things that she’s used in the past month. I thought it was an awesome idea, and I always look forward to seeing what her monthly picks will be! This month I thought I would give it a try myself….so without further ado here are my top five picks from January!

travelKate Spade Travel Mug
Ever since I saw this travel mug at Chapters back in December I have been coveting it! Lucky for me I have awesome parents who bought it for me for Christmas! My old travel mug developed a crack in it, so this one arrived in just the nick of time! I love the colour, the artistry, and of course the books!

scrubLush Lip Scrub
There is no way I could survive the winter months without Lush’s Mint Julip lip scrub! My lips used to get super dry whenever January rolled around, but not anymore! It’s amazing how well this product actually works! Plus, it tastes delicious! I finally managed to convince my mom to try it this month (she thought it looked weird and gross), and she loved it so much she went out to buy her own!

shampooArbonne’s Nourishing Daily Shampoo
I have very dry hair, and it’s always been difficult to find a shampoo that will moisturize it without making it overly greasy. This shampoo, however, is fantastic! It makes my hair feel silky smooth, and the best part is that you only have to use a super tiny amount of it to get really good results! I love it!!

bookmarksCraftedvan Bookmarks
These bookmarks are freaking adorable!!!!  I’m not usually a bookmark person. I typically just use a scrap piece of paper or whatever is within arms reach, but these actually make me excited to use a bookmark!  There are soooo many cute designs and characters to choose from!! I ended up buying Totoro, Mary Poppins, Sailor Jupiter, and the White Rabbit!

goldenGolden Son by Pierce Brown
I was hoping to avoid putting an actual book on this list…but I seriously LOVED Golden Son and it was my reading highlight of January! I’ll take every chance I can get to promote this series! It’s so addicting! I managed to convince my brother to read the first book this month and he got hooked too!


13 thoughts on “January Picks

    • What page are you on for Red Rising? It is SUPER SLOW to start….everyone I’ve ever talked to about it has agreed that the beginning makes it hard to get into. I think the book really picks up the pace starting around page 50…that’s when the intrigue and action starts!

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