Mini Reviews: February 2015 Edition

I don’t know if it’s the cold weather, or the fact that I’ve been crazy busy with work and wedding planning, but this year has gotten to a shaky start when it comes to books. I’ve been reading and blogging MUCH SLOWER then I would like. Nevertheless, I wanted to share some of the books that I have recently read with you!

huntI Hunt Killers by Barry Lyga
I picked up this book after reading several glowing reviews about it from Michele at Just a Lil Lost, and I wasn’t disappointed! The story focuses on ‘Jazz’ Dent, the son of a notorious serial killer. Raised by his twisted father to become a killer himself, Jazz fights an internal battle to stay good and avoid following in his father’s footsteps. When dead bodies begin showing up in his small town, Jazz is looked at with suspicion. The only way to clear his name is to help out the police, and the result is a page turning suspense that I couldn’t put down! I definitely can’t wait to read the next book in the series!
Rating: 5 Stars 

waterBurying Water by K.A. Tucker 
I’ve read and enjoyed K.A. Tucker’s Ten Tiny Breath series, so I was really excited to read her latest book Burying Water. The story focuses on a woman in her 20’s who was left for dead and has lost all of her memories. When no one comes to claim her at the hospital, Jane Doe decides to rename herself Water, and is taken in by a spirited old woman named Ginny. As Water tries to piece her life back together, she can’t help but find herself drawn to the handsome guy next door, despite all of Ginny’s warnings to say away from him. The result is an entertaining New Adult romance that perfectly fit my mood for some light romance with a suspenseful plot.
Rating: 4 Stars

bright placesAll The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven
Random House Canada sent me a copy of Niven’s new book to read, and I fully intended on doing a full length review for it….but life got in the way this month! This is the story of a girl and boy who are both a little broken by life, and the ways that they help to heal each other. I loved Finch! He was unique and full of life, despite the fact that he spent most of the book brainstorming ways that he might kill himself. Niven’s writing was beautiful, and I really enjoyed the journey that the two characters took together, even if it did break my heart at the end.
Rating: 4 Stars

ellaThe Secret of Ella and Micha by Jessica Sorensen
Ugh. I despised this book. Ella heads back to her broken home during her summer break from university. Despite wanting to avoid the handsome boy next door, Micha, she can’t resist her feelings towards him. You can probably guess the direction that the story takes from there. I’m not sure if it was the style of writing, or just the characters themselves, but something about this book just really annoyed me! I debated not finishing it, but I kept reading hoping that I would be happily surprised by the end, especially considering how many rave reviews it has received from other people that I know. Unfortunately, it did not get better. Quite possibly it got worse. This is probably a good place to end my rant before I go overboard…..
Rating: 1 Star


7 thoughts on “Mini Reviews: February 2015 Edition

  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one with life getting in the way of reading, blogging etc. Good luck with everything. I need to read I Hunt Serial Killers.

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