When It Rains, It Pours!

natalieI think it’s about time for a life update!

If you haven’t already noticed I’ve been MIA for a while here on Browsing Bookshelves!

I’m alive!! I swear!!! I’ve just had a CRAZY, INSANE, and UNBELIEVABLE month and a half!

First off…. I got married!! Yay!! After being with my (now husband) for over 6 and a half years we finally tied the knot on April 18th, and I couldn’t be happier! We lucked out BIG TIME weather wise, and had a beautiful, warm, spring day to say our “I Do’s.” My husband and I aren’t big on being the center of attention, so we had a smaller afternoon wedding, with just our close family and friends. I’m hoping to maybe do a wedding post to share some of our highlights soon once I get all of the pictures back from our photographer!

After all of the wedding craziness was over, we went off on our honeymoon for a week to Antigua! It was gorgeous! Antigua not only has some of the bluest water I’ve ever seen, but also the nicest locals you could ever meet! We spent most of our time on the beach sipping pina coladas, reading, and taking in the beautiful views!


Despite all of my extra reading time, I somehow only managed to get through a book and a half! The first book I read was Sabriel by Garth Nix, a YA Fantasy classic that I have been meaning to read since high school. It was a bit slow at first, but once it picked up the pace I devoured it! After that I started The Winter Sea by Susanna Kearsley, a historical romance that made the perfect beach read! Unfortunately, I didn’t have the opportunity to finish the whole 527 pages, but I have been gobbling up the bits and pieces of it every free chance that I can get!

So, not only did I get married, and go on a honeymoon, but to top it all off I got a FULL TIME JOB! And I found out about it just two days before the wedding! Talk about a whirlwind weekend! I was offered the position of a Youth Services Coordinator at a mid-sized rural library about 1.5 to 2 hours away from where I currently live. I started last Monday, and so far I’m loving it! The only downside is the commute, which is awful! Sometimes it feels like my entire day is spent in my car. Thank goodness for audio books!

As much as I love my hometown, a move closer to the area where my husband and I both work is now inevitable. So all of my spare time has been spent apartment hunting and driving. I’m hoping once I get into a commuting routine, and actually find a place to live, that things on the blog will get back to a normal routine. Until now, things will be a bit sparse around here! My goal is to move by July 1st, so keep your fingers crossed for me!!

So yes, as you can see a lot has happened in a very short time for me! It felt like nothing exciting was happening in my life for the past few months, and then BOOM! Everything happens at once! I guess you can say, that when it rains, it pours!


8 thoughts on “When It Rains, It Pours!

  1. Congratulations Natalie!! Saw your pics on fb and you look beautiful! Hope married life is going well for you 🙂 Also, congrats on the new job! So exciting 😀
    And hahah I felt the same way a few months ago…nothing was happening and then BOOM! But like you said, when it rains it pours!
    On a totally unrelated note, I started reading GOLDEN SON but couldn’t get into it 😦 I found it really slow and it was hard to remember everyone. Do you think I should give it another shot?

    • Thank you!!

      And I can’t remember…You really loved Red Rising right? I tried to start Golden Son too and got confused by some of the characters, so I re-read Red Rising first, then read Golden Son, and I ended up really enjoying it then!

  2. Sounds like you had quite the lovely month, Mrs! I’m so happy for you and Tom and so glad you had a gorgeous honeymoon! Congratulations on the new job as well! Hope everything settles down nicely for you in the coming weeks, and I’m looking forward to having you back on here too!

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