Review: Dashing Through the Snow (Audio)


Wow! Talk about a quick read (or in this case, listen)! I only just posted my list of Seasons Readings a few days ago and I’ve already crossed one off from my list! Dashing Through the Snow by Debbie Macomber was cute, suspenseful, and down right funny! I was actually sad when the audio book wrapped up so quickly!

The story focuses on Ashley Davison, a grad student from San Fransisco who is trying to make her way home to surprise her mother for Christmas. Unfortunately, all the flights to Seattle are booked solid, and Ashley is forced to share the last rental car at the airport with a former military intelligence officer named Dash, who is heading in the same direction for a job interview. The two hit more than a few bumps along the way, and get themselves into some pretty funny circumstances!

I was actually surprised how much I ended up enjoying Dashing Through the Snow! When I first did my Seasons Readings post I noted how the synopsis of two people sharing a car together was pretty overdone and nothing overly original. Macomber definitely threw in a few unique scenarios, however, that really kept me hooked to the story! A few instances actually caused me to snort with laughter while I was driving!

While the story was funny and entertaining, there was one thing that drove me absolutely crazy: Dash and Ashley’s flirting. Ugh. Some parts of their conversation just felt forced or were so repetitive that I wanted to pull my hair out! Luckily these scenes usually didn’t last too long before something else happened, but they still irked me!

In terms of the audio book narrator, I thought she was just okay. It took me longer then usual to get use to her voicing some of the male characters, and Dash’s lines always sounded a bit weird to me, but I didn’t hate her narration either.

Overall, Dashing Through the Snow was a cute and funny Christmas story that certainly made my commute to work more enjoyable! While the love plot was irritating at times, the other parts of the story made up for it. Now that I’ve finished listening to the book, I’m looking forward to checking out Hallmark’s adaptation (which has had more then a few plot changes made to the story based on the trailer below).

Rating: 3.5 Stars

The Bottom Line: If you are looking for a cute, short, romantic comedy for Christmas, then this book is just what you need!



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