Mini Reviews: Christmas Edition

If you read my Season’s Readings post then you already know how much I LOVE to read Christmas books in December! Here are some of the books I’ve been gobbling up over the holidays this past month!


Christmas on Primrose Hill by Karen Swan
My friend Kaley has been singing Karen Swan’s praises since I first met her, so this year I made sure to add one of her Christmas books to my reading list! Christmas on Primrose Hill focuses on Nettie, who finds herself dressing up as a blue bunny and completing outrageous pranks as part of a PR campaign in the days leading up to Christmas. I enjoyed the premise of the story, and the characters, but the ending (and romance plot) were almost a little too good to be true. Nevertheless I’ll be checking out more of Karen Swan’s book in the Christmases to come! 3.5 Stars


Finding Noel by Richard Paul Evans 
I decided to listen to Finding Noel on audiobook, and almost gave up on it completely because the narration was so horrible (authors narrating their own books isn’t always a good idea), but I’m glad that I didn’t! The story focuses on Macy  as she tries to find her lost sister during the Christmas season. Adopted into different families as children, Macy hasn’t seen her sister since she was seven, and the journey that she undertakes has a few emotional moments (including one that got me teary eyed in the Tim Hortons drive through). Overall Finding Noel is a sweet and moving story that is perfect to curl up with over the holidays! 4 Stars
2 A.M. At the Cat’s Pyjamas by Marie-Helene Bertino
After reading tons of starred reviews for this book from Library Journal, Publisher’s Weekly, and other media, I finally decided to give 2 A.M. At the Cat’s Pyjamas a shot (especially after it was reprinted with a new cover!). Strangely enough it somewhat reminded me of Love Actually. There are multiple storylines taking place over the course of one day that converge together at 2 a.m. on Christmas Eve. Some of the story lines have happy endings, some not so much, and others are just downright confusing. If you take magical realism into consideration though it all makes sense in the end! 3.5 Stars
The Mistletoe Promise by Richard Paul Evans
After finishing Finding Noel I really wanted to try another Richard Paul Evans book so I picked up The Mistletoe Promise from work! The story is pretty stereotypical: a guy and girl agree to pretend they are a couple in order to attend each other’s Christmas parties and events without being pestered about who they are dating by their friends and family. There is an interesting twist, however, and some hidden depth to the characters that make the ending somewhat surprising though! Overall, The Mistletoe Promise was a sweet and satisfying Christmas romance that I actually really enjoyed! 4 Stars

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