Review: Morning Star (Spoiler Free)


“If this is the end, I will rage toward it.”

Seriously people! If I’ve said it once I’ll say it a million times, READ RED RISING! There’s never been a better time! With the publication of Morning Star last week, you can now binge read through all three books one after another (and trust me, you will want to binge read them)! This fantastic trilogy is jammed packed with action, adventure, and enough twists and turns to give you a bad case of whiplash!

I’ll admit, I was a bit nervous going into Morning Star. After falling head over heels in love with both Red Rising and Golden Son, I was slightly worried that the last book would turn out to be a disappointment. After having read countless series over the years, I’ve been letdown by many authors when it finally gets down to the big finale (I’m looking at you Veronica Roth). My fears were completely unwarranted, however, and Brown pulls all of the story’s strings together to create an absolutely bloodydamn fine conclusion!

If anything, Pierce Brown is one of the few authors who actually makes each book in the series increasingly better than the last! Once he gets his momentum going there is just no stopping him!  Morning Star has all the intensity, emotion, and cunningness of the first two books, but ups the ante when it comes to nail-biting tension. I agonized over every chapter, and even started swearing furiously at one point (much to my husband’s chagrin).

After finishing Morning Star I closed the cover and took a few moments to breathe and try to make sense of everything I had just read. I came to the shocking realization that this might just be the best series I’ve read since Harry Potter. On the one hand, I’m sad that Darrow’s story is finally over, but on the other hand, I know that I’ll be able to revisit his world over and over again each time I pick up the books. The Red Rising Trilogy is definitely a series that deserves a re-read more then once, and it will forever sit in a place of honour amongst my favourite books.

The Bottom Line: A standing ovation to Pierce Brown for pulling off an absolutely brilliant conclusion to a bloodydamn fine series!

Rating: Do you even need to ask? 5 STARS!!!


4 thoughts on “Review: Morning Star (Spoiler Free)

  1. I couldn’t get into this series. I really tried. I read more than half of Red Rising before giving up. Sigh! Everyone loves it. I guess there’s just something wrong with me. I am glad to hear the ending was strong. I know what you mean about weak endings.

    • Did you get to the past part where Darrow begins his Carving? I tell everyone that the first part of the book is sooooo slow and boring, but it picks up around then! If you got past it and still weren’t into it, no worries! It’s not for everyone! 🙂 I’ve read lots of books that other people have raved about and I’ve hated too!

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