Reading Slumps and Spring Fever


It happens to all of us…I’ve spent the past three weeks in a reading slump! March is almost over and I’ve only managed to finish reading one book. ONE! I can’t even focus on my audiobook when I’m driving to work! I think most of this stems from the crazy stress that descends upon librarians leading up to (and during) March Break, but I think some of it is also due to the sudden oncoming of spring!

Every year when we get a few days of warmer weather, it’s like I instantly develop spring fever! I’m unable to concentrate on anything, fidget like crazy, and try to get outside as much as possible!  Although my reading has suffered lately, my musical appreciation has been reaping the benefits of my inability to focus and stay sitting in one place. I’ve been blasting the radio with the car windows rolled down on my way to and from work, and dancing around the kitchen while doing all of my cooking and cleaning.

While I’m loving the fact that spring seems to be coming early, I also can’t wait to get back in a reading groove. I know all it takes is a really great book, and I think I might have found it! It was my turn to select our next book club book, and I ended up choosing The Library at Mount Char by Scott Hawkins after hearing great things about it from Chelsey at Chels and a Book. I started it this morning and found myself immediately loving the dark writing and strange storyline, so I’m hopeful that this will be the book to finally get me out of my slump!

How did you spend your first day of spring? Have you found yourself unable to focus on reading with the warmer days we’ve been fortunate enough to have lately?

Check out some of the songs I’ve been really loving lately below!




4 thoughts on “Reading Slumps and Spring Fever

  1. I find that spring makes me antsy to get outside as well. Reading does tend to take a backseat. I’ve discovered that if I bring the book outside I can combine my desire to read with my desire to be outside. Happy Spring!

  2. You are not alone in the slump! I’ve clearly been in one too lol. But I’m pumped for listening to these! New music is the best :). Hope you find a book to love soon!

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